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This page was setup for all of you that geek out as much as we do (we fly our geek flag high here). Our crowns are printed 702 up at a time, so that gives us the chance to make a whole lot of different designs. Webmaster Mike set forth to design a page worth and let GK red pen it down to the top ten, except he struggled to axe any more when he got down to 14. So here we are with the 14 Stone 10th Anniversary Bottle Crown design occurences...
Design 1 DESIGN 1
2 out of 702

Design 8
26 out of 702
Design 2 DESIGN 2
106 out of 702
Design 9 DESIGN 9
15 out of 702
Design 3 DESIGN 3
106 out of 702
Design 10 DESIGN 10
25 out of 702
Design 4 DESIGN 4
106 out of 702
Design 11 DESIGN 11
15 out of 702
Design 5 DESIGN 5
75 out of 702
Design 12 DESIGN 12
15 out of 702
Design 6 DESIGN 6
15 out of 702
Design 13 DESIGN 13
15 out of 702

Design 7

75 out of 702
Design 14 DESIGN 14
106 out of 702

Yep, there's some silver ones out there. We got them earlier in the year and put them on a few bottling runs. Unfortunately the producer of the crowns neglected to tell us that the black and silver combo resulted in some really bad scratching. They sent along the newer black and white ones, which we're using now. If you're a serious collector, don't test how easily they scratch - take our word on it. The occurrences of designs are exactly the same as the black and white ones (yeah, it's hard enough to find design one - but even harder in silver!)
The way you always do, find them at your local stores and restaurants. Please, don't ask us for them. They come 10,000+ to a box, and the boxes are hygienically sealed. They come straight out of the box and go right into the crowner on the bottling line. If you're itching to have a complete set, be sure to check our Stone 10th Anniversary Charity Auctions page at the end of July for a complete set of Stone 10th Anniversary (black and silver & black and white), a full set of Stone 8th Anniversary and every other crown we can find through our history to make it as comprehensive a collection as possible!

Well, it is handwriting, but not a computer font! It's the handwriting of our own CEO & co-founder Greg that we used for the crowns, and other Stone 10th Anniversary items.