Stone 10th IPA Bottles

Alc/Vol. 10.0%
Starting Gravity 24 plato
Available in:
22oz Bottles, 3 Litre Bottles & Limited Draft
Bottle Release Date:
Aug. 21st, 2006
Draft Release Date:
Aug. 21st, 2006
Also on tap at the Stone 10th Anniversary Celebration!

Stone 10th Anniversary IPA

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Begins Hitting Store Shelves
Monday, August 21st, 2006

Tasting Notes...
Mitch Steele
Head Brewer

“Stone 10th Anniversary IPA harkens back to our earlier Anniversary Ales, with abundant hopping at many stages of the brewing process. Appropriately, the aroma is over-the-top, with pronounced piney and resiny hop flavors combined with tropical fruit esters and more subtle notes of toasted malts and alcohol. Our Stone 10th Anniversary Ale weighs in at 10% alcohol by volume (perfect for a 10th anniversary beer), and has a little more color and malt character than our other IPAs. In addition to using the new Summit hop variety in the brewhouse to provide the powerful bitterness, we went back through our records and found some of our favorite hops over the years, and used them to flavor this brew, including Chinook, Crystal, and large doses of Simcoe in the dry-hop to provide a huge, complex, piney, fruity and floral hop character. This is a colossal beer, big in every sense: hoppy, malty, rich, and strong! Right up our alley.”

Deep copper/amber with a light tan, dense head.
Really hoppy, with pronounced piney hop aromatics combined with layers of pineapple and mango tropical fruit.
Wow! Intensely hoppy, alcohol and bitter with some nice complexity provided by lightly roasted malt.
Full bodied, bitter, with some hotness from the alcohol.
This beer delivers on everything-hops, malt and flavor! We hope everyone is as stoked about this beer as we were when we first tasted it.