Stone 10th IPA Bottles

Alc/Vol. 10.0%
Starting Gravity 24 plato
Available in:
22oz Bottles, 3 Litre Bottles & Limited Draft
Bottle Release Date:
Aug. 21st, 2006
Draft Release Date:
Sep 9th at the Stone 10th Anniversary Celebration, distribution Sep. 11th

Stone 10th Anniversary IPA
Another year passes -- no, wait, a decade! -- and it’s time to write this year’s anniversary bottle. This time we’re faced with quite a predicament: How can any one person capture the mood and spirit of Stone Brewing Co.’s tenth on the back of a bottle? Even GK has his limits. So we decided to have ten different bottles written by ten different people who’ve been here the longest. The outcome was even better than we expected, with ten unique perspectives of life here at Stone. Here’s the designs of each of the ten bottles...

Steve Wagner
Greg Koch
Mike Palmer
Arlan Arnsten
Dave Dyer
Connie Green
Jake Ratzke
Mike Lopez
Karen WestfallBill Sherwood

...of course, this is just a handful of the great men and women who work here. Be sure to check out the rest of our crew, we're so proud - we love to show them off.