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 Why San Diego?
 - With pictures of the views from the brewery -


When we were deciding on the criteria for where we were going to build the brewery, we came up with three qualifications: 1) We wanted to live in a place with a great "quality of life," 2) there had to be a market for great beer, and 3) we wanted to be in Southern California (we are both Southern Californians and well, we wanted to stay Southern Californians). San Diego County is such a great area, and North County is so open, clean and beautiful, we know that we picked the right spot for the Stone Brewing Co. You definitely can't beat our great weather, and the people are very real. What's more, San Diego County has some of the best restaurants and bars that can be found anywhere. We have everything from world class restaurants with internationally known chefs, to neighborhood bars where you go to spend time with friends.

And to top it all off, there are truly some world class beers being brewed in San Diego County (and not just by us!). San Diego has a handful of great microbreweries and brewery restaurants that each have their own style and character. There are few beer styles of the world that aren't represented by at least two or three interpretations --- all brewed right here in San Diego. San Diego County breweries unquestionably have something for everyone!

From the beaches to the mountains, from downtown nightlife to North County tranquillity, you can truly have anything you want in San Diego.