Dr. Frankenstone's Monster IPA

Dr. Frankenstone's Monster IPA

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Late one evening, into the deepest vaults of Dr Frankenstone’s steaming lab - a monster IPA was born. This morbid creation was the result of our brewers pushing the hop limits (most of which are successful) to an insane level that would unleash an IPA like none other from the brewery. It was a creature that haunted our brewers for many nights, as this beaker-buster was something they could not explain, yet was such a balanced delight to taste. Unbeknownst to our brewers, the horrific beast of a beer was a result of their blending sessions that got out of hand! After the first taste of the fresh liquid, our brewing team of mad scientists knew they had to re-create this experiment for October only in draft form.

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October 1, 2017
Draft only through October 2017
Drink fresh

Tasting Notes

Exactly what you’d expect – a gigantic “monster” IPA! Tons of resin and citrus notes, followed by tropical fruit and a slightly malty backbone. Just the right balance to bring palates back from the dead.

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