STONE BREWING'S "Do Your 'Do Red, Green or Blue" Week!

The Charities
The Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos
The Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos is a non-profit, youth development organization consisting of a main Club facility and five extension programs. Every day, the Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos strives to improve each child's life by implementing self-esteem, courage, and positive values through all of the educational programs. Youth come to the Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos to receive tutoring, computer training, sports education, homework help, and mentoring. Their 3,327 youth gain confidence by developing a sense of usefulness and belonging.

TAX ID #95-3330218
Boys & Girls Club
Children’s Hospital San Diego
Children’s is San Diego region’s only designated pediatric trauma center and the only area hospital dedicated solely to pediatric care. Their goal is to help create a region where all children go to school healthy and ready to learn how to be productive, responsible citizens. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.

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Boys & Girls Club
Looks Like Me!
The mission of Looks Like Me is to help children afflicted with hair loss due to medical conditions, live a normal life. With all of the tribulations a child goes through after being diagnosed with an illness, the last struggle they need is to be excluded by their peers for looking "different". Having a hair system that is customized to match their hair prior to the loss gives them a tremendous amount of strength with the battle they are enduring. The hair system is custom designed to the size and shape of each individual child's head so that it can be worn on an everyday basis, including all active sports such as track, swimming, basketball and waterskiing.

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Boys & Girls Club
The Palomar Family YMCA
The Palomar Family YMCA has something for everyone! Whether it's Youth, Teen or Adult programs, you'll find something that is right foryou, your children and your family! And, if you find a program you love, but feel you can't afford it, the Border View YMCA is here to help!

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