STONE BREWING'S "Do Your 'Do Red, Green or Blue" Week!

The Dye-Hards!

ID# 1000
Greg Koch (aka GK)
CEO / Beer Geek, Stone Brewing Co.
I'm a lean, mean and green charity fundraising machine!
Color... Green
MY GOAL: $5,000

ID# 1001
Steve Wagner
President/Brewmaster, Stone Brewing Co.
"OK, I'll do it one more time!"
Color... Red or Blue
MY GOAL: $1,000

ID# 1002
Chris Cochran
Marketing, Stone Brewing Co.
I'm Dyeing To Raise Money For Charity...Now Make Me A Pledge!
Color... Red with Blue Leopard Spots
MY GOAL: $1,000

ID# 1003
"Webmaster" Mike Palmer
Art Director, Stone Brewing Co.
By the beard of Palmer, I shall raise money for charity!
Color... Haven't decided, but I'll be donating the length of my hair to "Looks Like Me" first - then dyeing it.
MY GOAL: $1,000

ID# 1004
Jake Ratzke
Distribution Supervisor, Stone Brewing Co.
Color... Red
MY GOAL: $500

ID# 1005
Eric Timmons
Restaurant Manager, Stone Brewing Co.
If being red is wrong... I don't want to be right!
Color... Red
MY GOAL: $1500

ID# 1006
Color... Green
MY GOAL: $150

ID# 1007
Beth Heyden
Front Desk Admin, SJ Amoroso
I'll travel 491 miles for a Stone Brew!!!
Color... Red
MY GOAL: $200

ID# 1008
Aaron Heyden
Glazier, Glass & Sash
Industrial beer is for making chicken!
Color... Green
MY GOAL: $200

ID# 1009
Jason Vogler/ Boolshot
Sales, ORU
Color... Red, Blue and Green
MY GOAL: $300

ID# 1010
Danny Santamarina
Music Minister, St. John's Lutheran Church, Hemet, CA
Great Cause, Great Beer
Color... Green
MY GOAL: $500

ID# 1011
Larry Mullins
Masters Student, CSUSB
But I was thinking of a plan to dye one's whiskers green.
Color... GREEN
MY GOAL: $200

ID# 1013
John Masson
President, Masson & Associates, Inc.
Color... Green
MY GOAL: $2,500

ID# 1014
Chris Compton
SBA Loan Officer, Wells Fargo Bank
Normal Colored Hair is for Wussies.
Color... Blue
MY GOAL: $1,000

ID# 1015
Andy Robertson
IT tech, The Plan Handlers
Bald guys can participate, too!
Color... Blue
MY GOAL: $100

ID# 1016
Arlan Arnsten
Sales Veep, Stone Brewing Co.
I'm doing blue this time and NO, you can't touch it!
Color... Blue with blue highlights
MY GOAL: $1500

ID# 1017
Kate Raczkowski
Aerospace Mechanic,
"Courage is the price which life exacts for granting peace..." -Amelia Earhart
Color... Blue
MY GOAL: $300

ID# 1018
Lee Price
Coordinator, Access Center
Color... Red, Green, and Blue
MY GOAL: $500

ID# 1019
Electronics Tech, Government
Color... Red
MY GOAL: $500

ID# 1020
Liz Robertson
Clinical Data Manager, A.S.G. Inc.
I'm blue da ba dee da ba dye.
Color... Blue
MY GOAL: $100

ID# 1021
Matt Dolman
Controller, The Plan Handlers, Inc.
It isn't easy being green
Color... Green
MY GOAL: $350

ID# 1022
Susan Duniphin
Bistro Advisor, Stone Brewing Co.
Should I make the scene green, or go red instead?
Color... Not Blue, so then...we'll see....
MY GOAL: $2000

ID# 1024
Benjamin Anderson
Contractor, Repairs & Renovat Ions
Color... Green
MY GOAL: $500

ID# 1025
Art Hogarth
Color... Who knows yet...maybe all three!
MY GOAL: $500

ID# 1026
Darren Insko
Research Scientist,
Eat, drink, and donate to charity
Color... red
MY GOAL: $200

ID# 1027
Alfredo Velasco
Executive Director, Palomar Family YMCA
The Y guy!
Color... Red
MY GOAL: $1000

ID# 1028
woodworker, Anderson Woodworks
who cares!
Color... red
MY GOAL: $1000

ID# 1029
Matthew Curran
Engineer, NuVasive, Inc.
Here's to great charities and good times...Thanks!
Color... Blue
MY GOAL: $250

ID# 1030
Debbie Newman
Southern California Sales Manager, Stone Brewing Co.
Show me the money! - I will do this if I reach my goal! Lots of hair here!
Color... Bright Red w/ a bit of Blue
MY GOAL: $1000

ID# 1031
Justin Meloan
IT, Stone Brewing Co.
Stone's Anniversary Party should be a recurring National Holiday!
Color... Blue... i think
MY GOAL: $100

ID# 1033
James Aaron Meeks
Painter, Paradise Painting
You're not worthy
Color... blue
MY GOAL: $200

ID# 1034
Herb Neidner
Carpenter, Lusardi Construction
IPA's are green and so am I!
Color... green
MY GOAL: $500

ID# 1035
Chef, Extraordinaire
Merrily on my way to nowhere in particular!
Color... Either red or green, but maybe blue.
MY GOAL: $500

ID# 1036
Laura Ulrich
Brewer, Stone Brewery
Color... red
MY GOAL: $100

ID# 1039
Growler Guy Shack
IT Guy,
One color is for wimps!
Color... Red, Green and Blue
MY GOAL: $1000.00

ID# 1040
Sara Cross
Landscape Architect, Kornrandolph, Inc
Stone Brew Virgin Bleeds Red!
Color... Red
MY GOAL: $500

ID# 1042
Karen from Kalifornia
Podcaster, The BunkCast
"I'll be in my Bunk!"
Color... Blue
MY GOAL: $1000

ID# 1043
Chad Knight
What have you done for charity lately?
Color... Blue Mohawk
MY GOAL: $500

ID# 1044
Miykael Woodward
Juice Jedi, Juice Plus+
I will Dye my Hair and walk around for a week, YOU do a good deed and Make a Donation! Hey,It's a Mitzvah. L'chaim!!!
Color... Is it kosher to dye your hair Green & Blue? Sure it is, when it's for charity!
MY GOAL: $360+

ID# 1045
Princess Berg
Development Specialist, Non-Profit
I'm in the red!
Color... RED
MY GOAL: $100

ID# 1046
Bryon Wischstadt
IT Administrator, Stone Brewing Co.
Puttin' red on my head 'cuz my son said "red!"
Color... Red
MY GOAL: $200

ID# 1047
Ron Dippold
Bit Herder, Very Large Nanoparticle Clusters
Of doctors and medicine we have more than enough. What you may, for the love of God, send us some large quantity of beer. -- Colony of New South Wales (Australia), 1854
Color... blue or green
MY GOAL: $100

ID# 1049
Project Manager,
Color... Red
MY GOAL: $200.00

ID# 1050
Project Scientist, UCSD
"No other color will do, not when I'm beautifully blue!" -- Herry Monster
Color... Blue
MY GOAL: $150

ID# 1051
Steve Barrera
Digital Phrenologist, UCSD
'A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it's better to be thoroughly sure.' - Czech proverb
Color... TBD
MY GOAL: $100

ID# 1052
Marketing Department, Signet Armorlite, Inc
I enjoy out there great ideas and great ales and porter. Thanks Stone.
Color... Blue....or more
MY GOAL: $200

ID# 1053
Kevin S Svetich, CLU
Insurance Guru, Insurance & Investments
Everyone needs to believe in something - I believe I'll have another beer.
Color... RED
MY GOAL: $2,000 red tint $5,000 bleach & dye red

ID# 1054
Michael Saklad
NE Regional Brewery Rep, BEER
I can't wait to see my kids reaction!
Color... Radiant Blue!
MY GOAL: $500

ID# 1055
Michael Buck
Construction Manager, Lennar Homes
Color... Red & Blue Mustache
MY GOAL: $1,000

ID# 1056
Kris Ketcham
Driver, Stone Brewing Co
"drink me"
Color... Blue
MY GOAL: $200

ID# 1058
Tami Ridley
Culture Creator, Friars Folly Wine Cellar
GREEN for the $$$ raised for helping kids at Children's Hospital, Boys & Girls Club, YMCA & 'Looks Like Me'; RED for the big heart Stone wears on their sleeve for the community & TRUE BLUE for the loyalty of Stone fans and drinkers!
Color... Green, Red & Blue
MY GOAL: $2000

ID# 1059
Toshi Ishii
Former Stone Brewer, President Of Brewers Guild In Japan
I'm back all the way from Japan!!!Still I'm a Stone Brew Crew!?
Color... Red
MY GOAL: $200

ID# 1060
Jamin Cooper
Driver, Stone Brewing Co.
Do It, You know you wanna!
MY GOAL: $500

ID# 1061
Help Me, I need it!!!
Color... BLUE
MY GOAL: $200

ID# 1063
Nadine Alspach
Color... Green
MY GOAL: $200

ID# 1064
Dye my hair Blue for an Arrogant or two
Color... Blue
MY GOAL: $100

ID# 1066
Erick Gordon
Will dye for Charities!
Color... Blue
MY GOAL: $100

ID# 1068
John Kevo
Northwest Regional Sales, Stone Brewing Co.
MY GOAL: $200

ID# 1069
Tom Chandler
Truck Driver, Instant Jungle Intl.
Better Red Than Dead
Color... Red - Natch.
MY GOAL: $200.00

ID# 1070
Jon Schwank
Asst. Manager, Royal Palm Spirits
Doing what I can with what little I got..
Color... Green
MY GOAL: $500.00

ID# 1071
Greg Beron
Homebrew store owner, Culver City Home Brewing
Let's do it while I still have hair!
Color... Blue
MY GOAL: $500

ID# 1072
richard currey
delivery supervisor, Diamond Environmental Services
Color... GREEN
MY GOAL: $250

ID# 1073
Philip J Smith
Distribution Manager, Stone Brewing Co.
One Phish, Two Phish, Red Phish, Red Hair??
Color... Red
MY GOAL: $500

ID# 1074
Martin W Saylor
the spreading of good taste, SBC
do good, people
Color... blue
MY GOAL: $200