STONE BREWING'S "Do Your 'Do Red, Green or Blue" Week!

Q: So, what the Hell is it?

A: It's a fund-raiser. Offbeat. Over-the-top, like Stone Brews. You offer to dye your hair red, green or blue and get people to pledge money to see it happen. You get them to make the pledges. You dye your hair and 100% of the money you collect will be donated to four great charities. Simple. You also get special recognition at the Stone Brewing 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Open to business people, community leaders, Stone fans and Arrogant Bastards....

Q: Why Red, Green or Blue?

A: It's part of celebrating our past ten years. In that time our hair dyeing fundraisers have racked up over $60,000 for charity! There's been three in the past, "Green Week," "Put Red On Your Head" Week, and "Make Your 'Do Blue" Week. So this event is paying tribute to the past ones by allowing you to pick your favorite color.

Q: Can't we dye our hair some other color and still raise money for charity?

A: Sure, just not at our party. It's your right as an American to color your hair any way you want to, or not and to spend your money, or not... However, the Arrogant Bastard says, it's my party and I'll dye if I want to, dye if I want to, dye if I want to.

Q: Very Funny, but I can't dye my hair. I'm a highly respected businessperson who deals with very important clients every day at my extremely prestigious job. What would my clients think?

A: Good question. One thing you can do is point out to your clients that you are not merely a businessperson. You are also a philanthropist, donating your time, energy and scalp for a very worthy cause. Get their pledge and you'll not only have their respect and understanding, you'll have their support too! Stone will provide you with a sheet of business-cards that describe what a great person you are for participating in a charity fund raiser like this and for drinking world class, locally brewed beer. You can hand these out to anyone who asks you about your hair. You can hand them out to anyone who looks at you funny. You can hand them to anyone who points at you with derision and laughs out loud—and, after they are properly chided for their behavior, you can use your red, green and/or blue magic powers to talk them into sponsoring you or making a donation in person at the Stone 10th Anniversary Celebration & Invitational Beer Festival. Tell 'em it is contagious and you'll infect them if they don't donate. Whatever it takes.

Q: My friend is bald but wants to participate…what can he do?

A: Hmm. Well. That's a tough question. We don't give equal play to the bald in this promotion. Your friend could always sponsor you. Or, he/she could drink more Arrogant Bastard Ale, of which claims of scalp stimulating and medicinal properties are purported, but not yet clinically proven (though we’ve found in studies it puts more hair on your chest than anything). Or they could paint their head red, green or blue and come by the brewery and try to talk Stone's CEO Greg into making an exception. This would probably be easier to do if he already had a sponsor sheet full of names and pledges. We are reasonable people…. Let's have a beer and try to work something out.

Q: What about Beards?

A: Alright. Let's just stop these tangents. Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way, alright? Just refer to the above question regarding baldness for all topics related to the potential dyeing of anything other than a standard coiffure.

Q: How red is red, green is green, and blue is blue?

A: Our CEO, Greg will be the ultimate referee, however, the key here is to not do a half-way job. We go all the way to the limit (and sometimes past the limit) making our beers and supporting these charities. You should too. Make us proud. For example, if your blue hair approaches one of the crayon blue colors---Denim, Blizzard, Pacific, Sky, Indigo or Midnight Blue then it will be just fine. You can also do other stuff to make it interesting. Just spike it. Do a racing stripe. Be creative, but don't be lame.

Q: Where does the money go?

A: ALL (Read 100%) of the general fund pledge money collected will be divided equally among the four charities involved, namely, Children's Hospital, Looks Like Me, the Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos and the Palomar Family YMCA. Stone will pick up the costs for the promotion and our good friends at Moebius Color will cover printing. Participating salons are offering free dyeing services. See the Participating Salons page for details.

Q: How do I change my hair back after this is all over?

A: Why would you go back? Hmm. Well, if you must go back we recommend you talk with your hairdresser or stylist about the different types of dyes and treatments available and the benefits of each. We're brewers. What do we know about hair? We have heard that you can make shampoo out of beer, but to us that seems sorta wasteful. Better "in" than "on," we always say. We do provide a list of participating salons on the website that can tell you what is involved and what your options are.

Q: O.K. I'm convinced. I'm over 21 and I wanna “Do My ’Do” What do I do next?

A: Just read the six easy steps on this page!

Q: Can I donate my hair to Looks Like Me?

A: Yes, you can! However, it must be at least 10 inches in length (from tip to tip) and cannot be dyed [red, green or blue] or damaged. You can donate shorter hair with the understanding that it will be sold to cover manufacturing costs of the hairpieces. If you have hair that you want to donate you can contact Looks Like Me. Or, just dye your hair red, green or blue, raise lots of money and help out that way! REGISTER NOW!