~ Initial Tasting Notes ~

This beer was designed with particular focus on how it should develop as it ages for years to come. Modestly Hopped, Big Yeast Character, complex dark and rich malt flavors, and Bottle-Conditioned for superior flavor development over time.

Aroma: spicy and fruity, big on phenolics, burnt sugar (like toasted banana bread), with a little bit of heat from the 8.5% abv, but well hidden in the other aromas. Opens up as it warms to reveal some anise and pie spiciness, with hints of plum.

Flavor: All of the aromas are now more apparent, with the additional light toffee/coffee, spiciness. Very “Belgian”, with a mouthfeel that is more like a triple than the deep-Mahogany color indicates. Robust and complex in flavor, but somehow still refreshing. 

Cheers! ...or however they say it in Flemish...

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