Maine / Stone Dayslayer PREVIEW WEEKEND

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Event Overview

We're debuting this new special release a week prior to the national release date exclusively at our California Stone Brewing locations.  Be the first to get access to this new Stone Brewing release before the rest of the world.  

Maine / Stone Dayslayer

INdia pale lager fit for the lords of metal

ABV: 7.5%

Deep in the darkest reaches exists an elite group of brewers formed in the image of chaos. Destined to ravage the earth, sowing bitterness upon the tongues of beer drinkers everywhere, the warrior brewers of Maine Beer Company and Stone Brewing have sharpened their axes and grown in might and fury, anticipating this day of reckoning. A swath of nobly-hopped damnation has been carved, eradicating the sun, yet lulling you into confidence with its soft golden hue. Day Slayer is here to destroy the weak and huddled masses, unleashing upon the world a mouth-shattering crescendo of palate destroying hops, fermented with the finest of Pilsner strains, delivering a beer as sharp as their blades.

Enjoy fresh. Rock hard.