Open to business people, community leaders,
Stone fans and Arrogant Bastards....

Why Green?
Green is the color of the hops we overuse in our Stone 5th Anniversary IPA, the color of money (money going to charity, that is), and the color of the Label on our Stone 5th Anniversary IPA. It's a power color. A virile color. We like it and you will too.

Can't we dye our hair some other color and still raise money for charity?
Sure, just not at our party. It's your right as an American to color your hair any way you want to, or not and to spend your money, or not... However, the Arrogant Bastard says, It's my party and I'll dye if I want to, dye if I want to, dye if I want to.

Very Funny, but I can't dye my hair. I'm a highly respected businessperson who deals with very important clients every day at my extremely prestigious job. What would my clients think?
Good question. One thing you can do is point out to your clients that you are not merely a businessperson. You are also a philanthropist, donating your time, energy and scalp for a very worthy cause. Get their pledge and you'll not only have their respect and understanding, you'll have their support too! Stone will provide you with a sheet of business-cards that describe what a great person you are for participating in a charity fund raiser like this and for drinking world class, locally brewed beer. You can hand these out to anyone who asks you about your hair. You can hand them out to anyone who looks at you funny. You can hand them to anyone who points at you with derision and laughs out loud—and, after they are properly chided for their behavior, you can use your green magic powers to talk them into sponsoring you or making a donation in person at the Stone 5th Anniversary Open House. Tell 'em you're a leprechaun and you'll grant a wish if they donate. Tell 'em it is contagious and you'll infect them if they don't donate.
Whatever it takes.

My friend is bald but wants to participate…what can he do?
Hmm. Well. That's a tough question. We don't give equal play to the bald in this promotion. Your friend could always sponsor you. Or, he could drink more Arrogant Bastard Ale, of which claims of scalp stimulating and medicinal properties are purported, but not yet clinically proven. Or he could paint his head green and come by the brewery and try to talk Stone's CEO Greg into making an exception. This would probably be easier to do if he already had a sponsor sheet full of names and pledges. We are reasonable people…. Let's have a beer and try to work something out.

What about Beards?
Alright. Let's just stop these tangents. Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way, alright? Just refer to the above question regarding baldness for all topics related to the potential dyeing of anything other than a standard coiffure.

How green is green?
Our CEO, Greg will be the ultimate referee, however, the key here is to not do a half-way job. We go all the way to the limit (and sometimes past the limit) making our beers and supporting these charities. You should too. Make us proud. If it approaches one of the crayon green colors---Forest, Kelly, Lime, Teal, Sea Foam, Jade, Emerald, Neon, then it will be just fine. You can also do other stuff to make it interesting. Just spike it. Do a racing stripe. Be creative, but don't be lame.

Where does the money go?
ALL (Read 100%) of the general fund pledge money collected will be divided equally among the three charities involved, namely, Children's Hospital, the Boys and Girls Club of San Marcos, and the American Cancer Society. Stone will pick up the costs for the promotion and printing. You must pick up the costs of dyeing your own hair (although, remember that your Stone 5th Anniversary Open House admission is free with green hair and a filled out pledge sheet. Participating salons are offering special promotion prices for dyeing services. See the Participating Salons page for details. Also, the respect, adoration, prize possibilities and advance rights to purchase a full case of the Stone 5th Anniversary IPA are priceless, at least in terms of earthly currency.

How do I change my hair back after this is all over?
Didn't I already tell you that green is a power color? Why would you go back? Hmm. Well, if you must go back we recommend you talk with your hairdresser or stylist about the different types of dyes and treatments available and the benefits of each. We're brewers. What do we know about hair? We have heard that you can make shampoo out of beer, but to us that seems sorta wasteful. Better "in" than "on", we always say. We do provide a list of participating salons on the website that can tell you what is involved and what your options are.

O.K. I'm convinced. I'm over 21 and I wanna go green. What do I do next?

1. Fillout the web entry form

2. Either download the pledge form and brochure and print them out, or order the complete packet off our website (we charge a big fat buck to help us cover costs), or pickup the packet at our Gift Shop during tasting hours.

3.Talk to your hairdresser and make an appointment to GO GREEN. Dyeing may be a bit more expensive if you have exceptionally long or dark hair, but lots of temporary options exist. Remember, you must have the hair dyed on or before September 15th in order to have a full week under your belt by the Stone Anniversary Open House date. There is no penalty for dyeing early. In fact, we applaud your enthusiasm.

4. Take your pledge packet around and get pledges. If people want to pay up front, collect cash, checks or money orders made out to Stone Brewing Co. Or have them pledge online (more details about pledging online are found below).


5. Come by the brewery on Friday September 14th or Saturday September 15th, with green hair in order to purchase your special advance case of Stone 5th Anniversary IPA. If you wish to hire an armored truck and additional security to transport this coveted beer home, links are available on the website at No, not really….

6. Come to the celebration. Drink great beers. Have a great time. Soak in the admiration of others. Collect your pledges by the Stone 5th Anniversary Open House date please. Feel warm all over because you are part of the solution.

How does this online pledging work?
In order to take advantage of our existing system, you can pay pledges through the Stone Online Gift Shop. Have your pledger go to and have them click on "Submit Your Pledge Online." The pledges are available in $1 increments. Pledge makers enter the name of the green-haired individual being sponsored. They can also sponsor one of the Stone staffers if you choose. Adding other stuff to your order like shirts or pint glasses will not cause any problems.

So, what happens at the Stone Anniversary Open House?
Firstly, as a Stone Brewing's Going Green Week Participant, you get in for free. Of course if you want to pay the $10 admission fee, which goes entirely to the Surfrider Foundation, Flipper will love ya that much more.
- Secondly, you will, as a pledge gathering Going Green Week Participant, be eligible in the Going Green Participant giveaway featuring, among other prizes, a 3-liter bottle of Arrogant Bastard Ale.
- Thirdly, If you are the #1 pledge getter, you will win the coveted Green Grail of Ale---a 3 Liter Bottle of Stone 5th Anniversary IPA with free monthly refills for a year.
- Fourthly, as a Going Green Participant, you will have your own express line for featured brews at the party itself.

Not bad for a little dye and a couple of phone calls, huh?