Louis & Christine Mello

Liar's Club
3844 Mission Blvd
Mission Beach


Married (to each other)

Louis' Hobbies:
Drinking beer and motorcycle riding,
but NEVER at the same time!

Christine's Hobbies:
Running, boogie boarding, tennis, biking & skiing

Why Louis is Going Green:
Mostly for the cause, but the other reason is, "Why the hell not?!" I've recently gotten out of the corporate world and so I really don't have to answer to anybody. On the other hand, I'd still be Going Green anyway. Oh, and Dave Dyer told me to do it!

Why Christine is Going Green:
I will go to great lengths for a good cause and I
can't wait to pick that "just right" shade of green. Besides, I know all the patrons of Liar's Club will love seeing me with green hair!

Going Green Goal:
Louis: $500 / Christine: $2,000