Stone Brewing's Going Green Week is all about giving not getting.
However, to recognize those who have made the commitment to Go Green we are offering:

-Invitations to special Going Green social events during the Going Green Week.

-Being able to buy a case of Stone 5th Anniversary IPA a week ahead, during Gift Shop hours on Friday 14th

-Being included in a drawing for one of three Stone 5th Anniversary IPA 3 Litre Bottles, need not be present to win.

-50% off on your growler fills* for an entire year! (*On the first growler
fill you get each week.)

-The Going Green participant who raises the most for the Going Green Week fund raiser receives the Green Grail of Ale - a signed 3 Litre Bottle that entitles the holder to one free filling of available Stone Brew per month for a year.

To qualify:
1. Be at least 21 years of age
2. Register for Stone Brewing's Going Green Week anytime between now and September 15th (the sooner the better)
3. Go Green by September 15th and remain so through September 22nd
4. Raise a minimum of $200 in pledges.

Subject to local laws and restrictions