Q: Do I have to be over 21?
A: To place a stone? Nah, we'd love for you to participate. To have a beer afterwards, or partake in any future libations? Of course, duh. Be sure to bring your ID if you are over 21 and you plan to have a beer!

Q: How will I find my stone after the wall is built?
A: We'll be giving you the X and Y coordinates of your stone when you place it. So if you place it at 16 feet X and 9 feet Y, your stone will be 16 feet over and 9 feet off the floor. That info will go into a database also, if you need us to look it up for you sometime in the future.

Q: What can I use these gift certificates for?
A: Anything at the restaurant and giftshop. Yes, that includes growlers, kegs, cases, etc.

Q: What if my stone gets rejected when I show up?
A: No problem! We'll have plenty of Stones of all shapes and sizes on hand.

Q: What if I'm out of town during the ceremony?
A: No problem, we'll place a stone for you.

Q: I live out of town and I want to send a stone for the wall. Can I do that?
A: No problem! Email us and we'll coordinate getting your stone ahead of time. We'll need to see a picture of it before you send it.

Q: What if I can't find a stone?
A: No problem! We'll have plenty of Stones of all shapes and sizes on hand.

Q: Can I carve my name or initials into my stone?
A: Nope, sorry. We're not doing it either.

Q: Can I go in on this with a friend?
A: Sure. Just keep in mind that you and your friend will have to work out how to split up the event tickets and how much beer each person gets. If you dig deep into your pocketbooks, each of you can place your own stone and reap the rewards that come with it.