The return of the "Fizzy Yellow Beer"
Amnesty program

Yes. It is that time again. Time to throw off the guilt. Shuffle off the shame. Do away with the dorkiness.

It's time for the Arrogant Bastard Ale "Fizzy Yellow Beer" T-shirt Amnesty program! We know you know you've got a FYB shirt that's hiding away in the back of your closet. Maybe you pull it out to wear to the gym. Maybe you've been wondering why you get longingly furtive glances from that steroid pumped guy named "Bruce."

Well, now you can ward off unwelcome advances of all sorts! It's back. It's unique. It's updated and redesigned. It's NOW baby! Click here to learn how to turn in that unwanted FYB shirt --- along with a modest "amnesty application fee" --- and get an Arrogant Bastard Ale "Fizzy Yellow Beer is for Wussies" shirt in return.

The "amnesty fee" will cost you eight bones. The return of your pride and self-respect is priceless.

Join us and dye for a spell...

Speaking of Stone Brewing's "Put Red on Your Head" Week, some of us are going RED a little early to allow the media to get some good pics and get 'em printed up so all the public will know just how righteous you are when they see you in your red glory.

So... wanna join us? Get yer good lookin' head out to the Renaissance Salon in San Marcos on Monday, July 29th for a big dye session. Join Stone CEO Greg Koch, Stone Head Brewer Lee Chase, Stone promotions guy Chris Cochran, Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos CEO Don Hall and a host of others and get yer mug in the paper!

Just call Tara at Renaissance (760) 744-0769 to schedule your appointment!

Planning on going Red but not yet registered?
Register NOW!

Click here for "Put Red On Your Head" Week info

Double Bastard Ale at
the 2002 Oregon Brewers Fest

Are you a Double Bastard Ale fan? Are you going to be in Portland, Oregon in late July?

Then git yer butt to the Oregon Brewers Fest July 26, 27 & 28! The Stone Brewing Co. will be represented this year by non other than Double Bastard Ale. It’s been aging nicely since November of last year waiting for this event. Get it early or ... don’t get it at all.

Mammoth Beer Festival is August 3rd

Looking for fresh air, cool mountain air and fresh microbrews? Head up to Mammoth Lakes, CA for the 7th Annual Mammoth Festival of Beers & Bloozapaloosa. Thirty breweries are slated to be in attendance (including Stone of course!). Saturday, August 3rd from 1-6pm.

Bring your mountain bikes, golf clubs, fishing gear and hiking shoes!

Five Course Stone Beer Dinner @ Kazimerz in AZ

August 6th. 7pm. Five course dinner at Kazimerz.

* Stone Pale Ale
* Stone IPA
* Arrogant Bastard Ale
* Stone Ruination IPA
* Stone Imperial Stout

Our good friend Nick Materese will be hosting with Stone guy Jeremy. Come with confidence to the cool, upscale and casual Kazimerz to enjoy the completely concussive Stone brews and crew, and consume the cuisine (complete with condiments) of chief Chef Bernie Kantak. Can’t conjure up a more compelling confluence than that!

Kazimerz World Wine Bar
7173 E. Stetson Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ

August 10th, 2002. A great day for beer!

August 10th: OK. Let’s get this straight. We expect you to be here. At Stone Brewing, that is. For the Stone 6th Anniversary Open House & Invitational Beer Festival. And we expect you to dye your Head Red. And we expect you to only drink great beer.

Yes, we expect a lot from you, but we know you’re up to it.

Well, if you absolutely cannot be in San Diego on this momentous date, at least you can hit two of the three points above by attending one of these other two events the same day:

Flagstaff “Made In The Shade” Beer Festival 3-7pm

Annual IPA Festival at the Bistro
1001 B Street, Hayward, CA (510) 886-8525

Greg Koch

CEO & Co-Founder
Stone Brewing Co.
155 Mata Way, #104
(760) 471-4999 xt: 102
San Marcos, CA 92069
(760) 471-7690 Fax