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*What??? YOU HAVEN'T HEARD?!?!?!*
*More Liquid Love for Locals*
*The Colors Bloom Early at O'Brien's*
*The Bastard is Back in Ohio *
*They hide it up in Telluride? Not in Mid September they don't...*

What??? You Haven't Heard?!?!?!

Just a reminder...If you haven't already heard about the Stone VI anniversary Open House and Invitational Beer Festival you must be Chilling---Ted Williams Style! Thaw yourself out and make it to the brewery this Saturday, August 10th. All your favorite Stone brews, as well as 15+ guest beers and breweries will be represented. Come celebrate our birthday and support the Surfrider foundation...more details.

More Liquid Love for Locals

Going out to the San Marcos Grand Summer Festival on Sunday, August 18th? Make sure to stop by the beer garden area and enjoy a fresh Stone brew! The beer garden will be located in the parking lot of the "Old California Restaurant Row" at the corner of San Marcos Blvd and Via Vera Cruz... Doesn't get any fresher than that!

The Colors Bloom Early at O'Briens

Those of you familiar with Stone's Put Red On Your Head Week will want to know about a special gathering of Stone's Red Army. Join Lee "Copperhead" Chase, Chris "Candy Apple" Cochran, "Crimson Bastard" Koch and the rest of the Red Riding Hoodlums at a celebration this Thursday at O'Briens from 5-9 p.m. This special event is to honor those who have made the color change for charity and unnatural redheads will enjoy serious specials ... come lift a pint in their honor!

O'Brien's is located at 4646 Convoy

The Bastard is back in Ohio

Granville,....The Jewel of Licking County Ohio (next to Pataskala of course --- GK's hometown) .....Home of Denison University, Opera Park and the famous Moundbuilders State Park. Native American mound builders inhabited the area as early as 10,000 b.c., but local lore says they got tired of waiting around for Stone Ales and left around 600 b.c. The beer enthusiasts at BREWS Cafe have now ended that wait and are bringing the Arrogant Bastard himself in to pull the first pint... Join Stone CEO Greg Koch and Brews Cafe regulars Jim Holton and Jerry Martin in Granville on Thursday eve, August 15th for this historic event. Arrogant Bastard pints and shirts will be available. Heck, after last call, there may even be some more mound building. They'll probably change the name of the place from Licking County to Sipping County too! Directions to BREWS cafe are available at

They Hide it up in Telluride?
Not in Mid September they don't...

Write ROADTRIP on your calendar for September 13th through the 15th for the Telluride Blues & Brews Fest. Saturday will be the special "Brew Fest" day with a large showing of craft brews from all over. Lovingly consumed at high altitude, you may want to wear a helmet. Arrogant Bastard Ale at 14,000 feet? Wouldn't that be a vertical limit at the vertical limit? September 13, 14 & 15 (the beer fest part is the 14th). Much more information about beer, blues and bands is available at: