A Smashing Success at
Stone 6th Anniversary Open House
and Invitational Beer Fesival

Wow! What a Stone 6th Anniversary Open House and Invitational Beer Festival! Chris Cochran, Stone Promotions & Marketing Planner, almost had a heart attack, but he never cracked! Lee and Steve made the deadline with another smashing Stone Anniversary Brew. Speaking of smashing, how many people dropped their commemorative glasses at the Stone 6th Anniversary Open House and Beer Invitational? Were you one of them? Special thanks for all the volunteers, breweries and vendors.

See here for pictures and more information on the Stone 6th Anniversary and here for information on the Stone 6th Anniversary Porter

Hey You…Yeah the Red Head,
Stand Up and Take a Bow

Bravo, Bravo, for participants of Stone Brewing “Put Red On Your Head Week”! Pat yourself on the back for collecting donations. A noble gesture worth its weight in donations split among San Marcos Boys and Girls Club, American Cancer Society, and Children’s Hospital. The donations add up to over twelve thousand buckaroos!

"Are You Worthy" to
Work With Stone Brewing Co.?

Do you posses great people skills with high attention to detail and an uncanny nature to multi-task with a smile? Can you move like the wind all while giving people the impression that you are doting on them? You guessed it, we need you to work part-time at the Stone Brewing Tasting Bar & Gift Shop on Fridays and Saturdays. Candidate must love Stone Brewing (duh!) and offer knowledgeable facts about the beer industry and knowledge of Stone Brewing Co. while offering informal tours and just generally making people happy.

Click here for further details on how to apply for this position.

Rumours Abound!
Who Knows WHAT To Believe Anymore?

It's big, but it's not huge. It's phat, but it's not fat. It's full-tilt Stone, but answers to a spectrum not currently represented by our brews. It will smack your head without smacking you upside the head.

It will Levitate your senses to new heights. All while being competitively low. And it'll emerge to the world (not everywhere all at once though) for the first time ever in late September....

Greg Koch

CEO & Co-Founder
Stone Brewing Co.
155 Mata Way, #104
(760) 471-4999 xt: 102
San Marcos, CA 92069
(760) 471-7690 Fax