What comes after two and before four?
The Stone 03.03.03 Vertical Epic Ale release is imminent!

Do you remember what happened last time the date all read the same numbers? Need a hint? Does the date 02.02.02 ring a bell? Well, by now you're saying "enough all ready, just tell us where to get it." That's right, the time is here for the annual release of the Stone Vertical Epic Ale series! This year (and if you're paying attention you already know) the 03.03.03 version will be released on Monday, March 3rd 2003. You will also be happy to hear that this year we produced over ten times the amount of the 03.03.03 than we did the 02.02.02 so hopefully we won’t be bombarded with more calls than Ticketmaster selling Norah Jones tickets! So delve into the list, pick your store, plan your action and get ready for a truly special beer.

Everything's Bigger in Texas –
including the Hops... Stone IPA has arrived!

Ever wait in line for hours to get that concert ticket for your favorite band? Ever wake up hours before the lifts open just so you can get "fresh tracks" down the mountain? Remember the anticipation? Well, all of our devoted fans in the Lone Star State have been eagerly, and not so patiently I might add, awaiting the arrival of Stone IPA. And the wait is over!! We all know just how huge Stone IPA is – BIG, massive, and abundant are just some of the words to describe the hop character of this crisp, refreshing beer. And as long as no one tells Dubya’s daughters, there should be enough to go around!

The Bastard is ready for Battle!

Alright, we get a ton of emails that say "Your beer is awesome" or "Arrogant Bastard Ale kicks ass!" So now it's time for all of you to put your words into actions because Arrogant Bastard Ale has been nominated to take part in Realbeer.com's "Battle of the Beers." So if you'd like to see your favorite hop&malt-monster --- the one and only Arrogant Bastard Ale --- dominate this competition check out the Battle of the Beers webpage and place your vote this Friday the 28th! Tomorrow I will wake up and say to the world/universe/wall "Today is a good day to die in battle." Now let's see if it's us or our (normally) good friend, Adam Avery. This Friday it's Arrogant Bastard Ale and next week I'll enjoy a bottle of Hog Heaven in Adam's honor. Life's rough when you battle!

New Shirt for Charlie or good ol' Buster….
Or if you're a big fan of Tootsie Rolls, UPS, or Bad, Bad Leroy... then you'll love the newest edition of Stone merchandise because it's brown and it commemorates the 2003 release of Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine. You need this. You can't live with out it. It’s a "must have" and this limited edition Old Guardian t-shirt – which looks just like the bottle label - will only be available for a short time (just like the O.G. itself) so get yours while supplies last.


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