Extra, Extra –
Stone 7th Anniversary Open House Date Set!!

You've attended in the past and know how much fun it was. Well, now is the time to circle, highlight and put a big red "X" on your calendar. Or just start saying as a mantra: "Saturday, August 23rd!" Now all of you that have been waiting to plan your summer around this event can go on with your lives. Be on the lookout for more details coming soon.

Stone 7th Anniversary Open House & Invitational Beer Festival
155 Mata Way
San Marcos, CA

Saturday, August 23rd ---- Noon to 4pm

Vertically challenged? Homebrewer? Need a Recipe?
If I had a quarter for every email asking us for a recipe, I wouldn't be rich – but I sure would have a lot of quarters! So for the homebrewing fans out there this is your lucky day because the newest chapter has been written in our Stone Vertical Epic Ale series. Check out our website and see what the homebrewing Head Brewer, Lee Chase, has written for brewing the Stone 03.03.03 Vertical Epic Ale at home - also included are tasting notes from Lee, Steve, Greg and others on the newest installment in this Epic adventure.

To make it interesting this year we are going to have a little competition – The Stone Vertical Challenge. You make your best version of our Stone 03.03.03 Vertical Epic Ale and get it to the brewery on or before 03.03.04. Entries will be judged and a winner announced on 04.04.04! Be on the lookout for more details in the coming weeks.

Pints, Pints and more Pints at the Stone Giftshop

What makes a Stone beer taste better? Of course the answer is "another." But do you know what "enhances" that awesome, unmistakable quality found in our award winning beers? The answer is authentic Stone logo pint glasses (duh!). So be sure to check out our online giftshop for the new Stone "Pint Glass Four Pack" that includes the classic edition of the Arrogant Bastard Ale, the new "Fizzy yellow beer is for Wussies" version, the new Stone Ruination IPA pint glass and the original Stone Brewing Co. pint glass. Show your pride, proclaim your Arrogance, and let people know that you indeed do have great taste in beer!

March Madness is Over –
Stone IPA Champion not Syracuse!

Not in basketball, numbskull – in beer. That's because the Bloatarian Brewing League in Cincinnati, Ohio has declared Stone IPA as National Champion in their annual "March Madness" match-up of commercially brewed beers. First round matches paired beers in the same style and eventually Stone IPA went on to beat beers in the Pilsner, Barley Wine, and Dry Stout styles (the "Final Four") and was declared "National Champion!"


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