Our Brewery Was Honor Student
Of The Season On RateBeer.com!!

Winning awards is nothing new to Stone Brewing and we are grateful for every one that we win (and would expect nothing less!). But there’s something to be said for the accolades earned from "Joe Public" beer drinker. That's why we are super stoked about being named "Best North American Brewery" on RateBeer.com. RateBeer tabulated more than 188,000 ratings of over 22,000 different beers to determine the results. Now that's an achievement.

June Is Now Officially
"Stone Ruination Nation Month" Now & 4Ever!

Fer cryin' out loud! Seems like I always get my (self-proclaimed) brilliant ideas at the last minute. Or a minute after that. I thunk up the Stone Vertical Epic Ale series after 01.01.01 had passed, so the 02.02.02 was the first one we released.

Day before yesterday (or thereabouts) I was thinkin' 'bout the fact that the Stone Ruination IPA was first released in June of last year (2002). Then my ruinous little epiphany done came to me: "Let's make June "Ruination Nation" month! We can have special Stone Ruination IPA kegs and casks spread to better beer bars far and wide, Stone Ruination IPA growler fills at the brewery all month long, and specials on Stone Ruination IPA T-shirts
& pint glasses all month!"

Problem is, June is already halfway over. And stuff like this takes a month or two of planning in advance to properly execute. Damn, where was my head back in March? (*Sigh* Probably at the bottom of a glorious glass of Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine....)

No matter. We're gonna hop to it! The balance of June is now officially proclaimed as "Stone Ruination Nation Month!" [Sounds of rejoicing inserted here.]

So...here's what we're gonna do:

* Stone Ruination IPA kegs are gonna go out as far and as wide as possible. Not much of the month left to execute, so they're not gonna make it too far. (Next year, we'll do a MUCH better job and will get Stone Ruination IPA kegs out to every Stone territory where it's legal.)

* Special deals on Stone Ruination IPA growler fills and Ruination merchandise all month at the brewery, during our normal Tasting Room / Gift Shop hours.

* Special prices on Stone Ruination IPA T-shirts & pint glasses, both online and in the Gift Shop here in our brewery.

GK Finishes With New York.
Now It's Time To Climb The Mtns. Of Colorado!!

Hardly a day goes by without someone from the Rocky Mountain State calling, writing, emailing, screaming, telegraphing (Crested Butte locals) or yodeling from the top of some 14'er for Stone to be distributed in Colorado. Well, ask and you shall receive (soon my dear fan, soon) because Stone Brewing's line-up of incredible, big character beers are about to make their way over the hills and through the woods to mom's house "Hi Mom in Ft. Collins - Chris." So The Arrogant Bastard, Greg Koch will be traveling throughout the State in search of beer distributors, beer retailers, and beer lovers and wants you to join him at The Falling Rock in Denver on Tuesday, June 17th at 6pm... figuring that if enough of you show up someone will buy him a beer!

The Bastard Does The Rockies
Summer Tour 2003

Falling Rock Tap House
1619 Blake St.
Denver, CO


June 17th 6pm

-The Stone Brew Crew

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155 Mata Way, #104
(760) 471-4999
San Marcos, CA 92069
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