The return of the "Fizzy Yellow Beer T-Shirt Amnesty Month"

am·nes·ty n.
1. A general pardon, especially for those who have committed political (or fashion) crimes

2. A period during which crimes can be admitted or illegal weapons (including Fizzy Yellow Beer shirts) can be handed in without prosecution (or persecution).

Yes. It is that time again. Time to get gone the guilt. Shuffle off the shame. Do away with the dorkiness. Yeah, I'm talking to you...

The Arrogant Bastard Ale "Fizzy Yellow Beer T-shirt Amnesty Month" is once again upon us! We know you know you've got a "FYB" shirt that's hiding away in the back of your closet (along with things we won't mention here). Maybe you pull it out to wear to the gym. Maybe you've been wondering why you get longingly furtive glances from that steroid-pumped guy named "Bruce."

Well, now you can ward off unwelcome advances of all sorts! It's back. It's unique. It's updated and redesigned. It's NOW baby! Click here to learn how to turn in that unwanted "FYB" shirt --- along with a modest "amnesty application fee" --- and get Arrogant.

* With your Fizzy Yellow Beer T-shirt trade in (up) and your $12 "Amnesty Application Fee" you get...

(1) "Fizzy Yellow Beer is for Wussies" regular or girly T-Shirt
(1) "Fizzy Yellow Beer is for Wussies" Pint Glass
(10) Arrogant Bastard "Fizzy Yellow Beer is for Wussies" coasters
An assortment of Fizzy Yellow Beer is for Wussies & Arrogant Bastard Ale stickers.

Stop by the brewery, visit the Stone online giftshop, or snail mail those suckers in before it's too late. Just think... No more remarks from strangers, smirks from neighbors, ridicule from passersby, or mocking laughter from children!

Fizzy Yellow Beer T-Shirt Amnesty Month
Now through July 31st

Articles, Write-ups, & Accolades --- Oh My!

What's bigger than a beachball, smaller than, say, the planet? Our heads – that's what! It seems like the rest of the nation is catching on to what we've known since day one and the rest of you have come to know – Stone beers are the fizzlin' shizzle! Whether you live here in America's Finest City, upstate New York, the hills of Hollywood, or the plains of Texas you've been treated to some mighty fine reading lately, because Stone Brewing has been featured in many fine publications! In case you missed them or just want to reminisce along with us (hell, GK knows most of 'em by heart) check out these items:

Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles, CA
"Cheers For The Bitter Brew"
San Diego Union Tribune
San Diego, CA
"Brewing An Image"
North County Times
San Diego, CA
"Something's Brewing: area small beer-makers are doing just fine"
Democratic & Chronicle
Rochester, NY
"This Ale's An Arrogant Bastard"
Austin American Statesman
Austin, TX
"A Head-To-Head Look At Beers That Refresh"
Read the following....

The Results Are In...
Zymurgy Readers Give Stone High Praise

OK, if you're a homebrewer, beer lover or just crazy about our favorite luscious liquid then you are (or should be) familiar with the homebrewing magazine "Zymurgy." Recently they asked their readers to vote for their favorite beers and breweries and after 900 votes were tabulated, covering 500 different brands from more than 50 breweries... you guessed it Stone was near the top of the list! Stone Brewing came it at #4 in "brewery rankings," ranked #4 in the "spirit of homebrewing," and our beers Arrogant Bastard Ale and Stone Ruination IPA ranked #'s 5 and 13 (tie) respectively in the "top ranked beers" of the world!

Zymurgy writes, "Although [Stone is] younger, less widely distributed and with fewer brands than their neighbors on this list, they are buoyed by an ardent cadre of dedicated supporters." That would be you! So I guess we should say thanks, but since we are the Arrogant Bastards you'll get nothing --- but our great beers --- (and like it).

What's In The Works Here At Stone?
Expansion, Baby, Expansion!!!

What do you do if you are one of the fastest growing breweries in the United States? Besides continuing to brew the most unbelievable, uncompromising, big character beers on the market – you expand, duh! Well here at Stone, we're no strangers to growth and 2003 is shaping up to be another monstrous year for us. So recently we've added two new 150 barrel fermenting vessels, a new grain silo capable of handling 45,000 pounds of pure malt, and 10,000 square feet of warehouse space.

DSC02389.JPGOh yeah, does this sound familiar: "Hated By Many, Loved By Few?" Or how about "Arrogance Is Good... Too Good For You?" Well, another one (or should I say six) of our recent additions here at Stone are freshly decorated delivery trucks. If you've seen 'em on the road you know how ultra Stone cool DSC00007.JPGthey look and if you haven't just wait 'til you do. Because the only thing better than seeing a picture of a six foot Stone IPA while driving on the road is the one waiting for you at home in the fridge (uh, regular size that is)!

So what does all this expansion and change mean for all you lovers of Stone Brewing Co.? Simply put, four words sum it up: Mo' Stone, Mo' Betta!

-The Stone Brew Crew

Stone Brewing Co.
155 Mata Way, #104
(760) 471-4999
San Marcos, CA 92069
(760) 471-7690 Fax