Gets Reads For #7

The day is nearing when we will invite some of our closest friends in the brewing industry to join us in celebrating our 7th Anniversary and share their beers with us, and YOU. And of course we'll be serving up Stone Pale Ale, Stone IPA, Stone Smoked Porter, Arrogant Bastard Ale, Stone Levitation Ale, Stone Ruination IPA, and the one you've all been waiting for – the special Stone 7th Anniversary Ale. Break out the sunscreen, put on those comfy shoes, and get ready for lots of great food, friends & incredible beers!

In case you missed last year's festivities check out this link for a short video clip of the Stone 6th Anniversary Open House & Invitational Beer Festival.

For parking directions, click here...

Stone Brewing Co.
155 Mata Way
San Marcos, CA
Visit /7thanniv for more information and a list of the 20 attending Guest Breweries!

Saturday, August 23rd ---- Noon to 4pm

The Manifest Destiny Of Stone Continues...
Colorado Next!

Some things seem to never stop growing: the national debt, Lee Chase's hair, the whole Atkins craze, Chris Cochran's admiration of Lance Armstrong, and Greg Koch's admiration of himself. Another thing that seems like it will never stop growing is Stone Brewing and our impending take-over of the beer drinking Free World! Our next State to conquer is none other than the Rocky Mountain State - so you will soon find our Stone gargoyle climbing over all those 14'ers to bring the best beer in the land to all the "Worthy" Coloradoians... Coloradoites... Coloradoinos... you know who you are!

Ohio Bar Earns An Extremely Arrogant Honor

Of course you think you're pretty Arrogant - most of our fans do, but just HOW Arrogant do you think a bar could be? Well, that has been determined and the winner of the American Beer Month sponsored Arrogant Bastard Ale Challenge is Brews Café in Granville, Ohio! This awesome bar (that is ironically located less than 10 miles from where Stone CEO, Greg Koch grew up) beat out 15 other participating bars by selling more Arrogant Bastard Ale in one week than all the rest. So if you're ever near Granville stop on in, congratulate them and tell 'em to pour you a pint of the good ol' Arrogance!

The competition will run again next year, so if you'd like to nominate a pub to join in the fun next year just email Karen at

Brews Café (The Most Arrogant Bar in America)
128 Broadway East
Granville, Ohio

Another Year Means Another Label –
Cunning Linguists Beware!

The only thing that people look forward to more than reading the label on the back of the bottle is trying a new Stone brew. This year for the Stone 7th Anniversary Ale we tried something a little different. Greg asked Stone employees to submit words that would be incorporated into the label - and with the eclectic group we have here that made for a very interesting proposal. Not everyone chose to take part in this hullabaloo, but what resulted was one granddaddy of a soliloquy that will make even the most seasoned literature and grammar professors scratch their heads in bewildering befuddlement!

To check out "Making of a label: The Stone 7th Anniversary Ale" go to this link on our website and be befuddled no more!


-The Stone Brew Crew

Stone Brewing Co.
155 Mata Way, #104
(760) 471-4999
San Marcos, CA 92069
(760) 471-7690 Fax