Cue The Paparazzi... The Bastard's On The Big Screen

Some people push their progeny to be sports stars, some push their scions to be doctors or lawyers. Well ours basically runs amuck and doesn't let anyone tell him what to do... even the director in a major motion picture! That's right, our own Arrogant Bastard Ale has made us oh, so proud and is starring in the new Lion's Gate film "Cabin Fever," which starts this weekend in theaters everywhere. We've heard reports that the Arrogant One constantly created his own lines, refused to stand on the "mark," and consistently showed up to the set reeking of beer. Threats of "you're finished in this business if you don't shape up," and "you'll never work in this town again" went entirely unheeded.

No matter, fellow actors like Cheryl Ladd's naughty-hot daughter, Jordan knew the real star is 10 1/2 inches tall and full of Arrogance! Rumors of them being inseparable on the set, and subsequently being seen acting like newlyweds at a secluded Belize resort can neither be confirmed nor denied.

I can see/hear it now: "The Oscar? Is that all? I'd like to thank... uh.... no one... I earned this all by myself!"

See what's being said about the Bastard's role in the film:,0,6058481.story?coll=sfla-reviews

Cabin Fever
In Theaters Everywhere

Starting Friday, September 12th

With All These Awards We'll Need To Expand...
Our Heads (Oh, and the brewery too...)

Winning awards is nothing new to us here at Stone Brewing ----- recently named top brewer in North America by two prestigious online beer sites. But when you win awards a little "closer to home" they mean all the more it seems. Anyway, we recently won two awards that we thought it would be nice to share with our adoring public. The LA County Fair (one of the largest in the country) awarded Stone Pale Ale with the Gold Medal in the American Style Pale Ale category and named Arrogant Bastard Ale the Silver Medal winner in the Strong Ale category! Seems like this exposition exposed people to the fairest of the fair or as we like to say the most happenin' of the hops!

Colorado Folks Survive Avalanche Of Stone Brews

Well, we killed the cask of Stone IPA in short order and heavy damage was sustained evenly amongst the other 12. Frankly, I don't think there's any left at this point. Fans came out from as far as the "Western Slope" of Colorado and Wyoming. Fellow brewers from Avery Brewing, Left Hand Brewing, Tabernash Brewing, Flying Dog Brewery and Bristol Brewing came out to share a few pints. Chris Black, the King of the Falling Rock cracked open a surprise Double Bastard Ale 3Litre (where'd you come up with that one Chris?!) to delight the teaming throng (which became immediately more teaming as a result). All in all a great night, capped off with some 1am grub at the local Denny's (a cautionary note: high standard beer can sometimes result in low standard choices about 1am!).


-The Stone Brew Crew

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