Thanks To All Who Made A Difference

A heartfelt thanks to all who helped us to raise money and awareness for ALD (Adrenoleukodystrophy) with our "Sawyer's Triple" fund raising effort. Your words, thoughts and actions were heard loud and clear!

We are proud to announce that over $19,000 dollars were raised for ALD charities and causes. From the Sherwood Family and all of us at Stone Brewing Co... THANK YOU!

Time To Get Your Ho On…
As In Ho, Ho, Ho Holiday Gift Packs

The Basic Bastard Bundle is for that guy or gal that already has everything, but needs just a little more (they all need more)! It consists of an Arrogant Bastard Ale T-shirt, a 4-pack of pint glasses, a couple of coasters and some stickers ---- the perfect gift for any Bastard.

For the Mountain Bound Bastard in your life we're offering up the Winter Sports Bundle. This simple package will get you a long sleeve Arrogant Bastard Ale T-shirt, Arrogant Bastard Ale beanie and an assortment of stickers. Good for the beach, good for the mountains, good for the desert, good for you.

Ready to get your freak on? Feel like hittin' the clubs tonight? For the Stone fan out there that loves the night-life, we have the Steppin' Out Bundle. A white Stone Brewing T-shirt and a new Stone "club-style" shirt will have you decked out for the town or just ready to hang with the gang.

Finally we have something for the Bastard who wants it all – the Bastard Bonanza Bundle. Make all your friends jealous with the new Arrogant Bastard Ale pub light, Arrogant Bastard hooded sweatshirt, Arrogant Bastard baseball cap, set of Arrogant Bastard pint glasses, coasters and stickers that all come with this gift pack. Hoss, Little Joe, Adam, and even HopSing would duke it out for this one!

Update Your Wardrobe
With The Latest Stone Apparel (It Needs It)

It's new, it's fresh and you gotta have it. Call it crimson, scarlet, or cardinal red ---it's the 2003 Double Bastard Ale shirt ...same design as the bottle ...front and back ...and you gotta have it... just like the beer itself ...'nough said!

At long, long last, the new Arrogant Bastard Ale Cycling Jerseys are arriving! There is NO better way to let your fellow riders know your true character as you close in on them from behind or as you pull ahead and leave them sucking your dust.

Richly adorned with classic Arrogant Bastard Ale graphics and fundamental truths, including such all-time hit favorites such as:
* You're Not Worthy
* Hated By Many, Loved By Few
* It's Not Too Expensive, You're Too Cheap
* Liquid Arrogance
* Fizzy Yellow Beer Is For Wussies
This jersey has been crafted out the finest modern materials by our friends at Canari Cyclewear, and you'll find no better quality to wear anywhere.

Available to order now. Shipping starts November 20th.

-The Stone Brew Crew

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