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What A Difference A Year Makes --- 2003 Recap

I'm sure all of you had a year full of exciting things in 2003. Here at Stone Brewing one exciting thing led right into the next, which in turn provided us with another incredible and exhilarating year. We had planned on getting this out before the New Year, but whoa...what a year it was! So to recap what happened (or most of it at least), here is a little breakdown of some things we accomplished in 2003.

Love Stone? Like To Work Hard? We Need You!

So are you sitting there and thinking, "My life could be so much better, if I just had a great job." Well today could be your day...Do you have a great personality and brains to spare? Are you a hard worker that happens to like great, craft beer? Stone Brewing is looking for some motivated, fun, creative, determined and intelligent folks to help round out our staff, so if you think you might be "Worthy" then check out these opportunities and get in touch with us!

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