Celebrate Leap Year weekend in a big mondo way this year --- and every Leap Year --- at Stone Brewing. We're featuring once-every-four-years Arrogant Bastard Ale 3Litre & Double Bastard Ale 3Litre combo deals with Bastard gear. This is the first time we've ever sold the 3Litre bottles directly from the brewery, and we won't be doing something like this again for at least another four years, if ever!

Good at the Stone Gift Shop only! Not available on any other days, any other ways, not in the mail, not over the phone and not online. At Stone Brewing only only only.

Stone Brewing Co.
San Marcos, CA

Friday, February 27th - 3-6pm
Saturday, February 28th - 11-3pm

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Stone CEO GK Offers A Course In Beer At Henry's Pub

Greg Koch

Lee Chase
Learn about the great beer styles of the world from the CEO of North America's highest rated brewery! Join Stone Brewing's CEO Greg Koch and Head Brewer Lee Chase in an exploration of classic and modern specialty beers, an explanation of flavor profiles, beer terms, and other fascinating beer facts all while tasting a selection of world-class beers!

What is the difference between Ale and Lager?
What is Reinheitsgebot and what does it have to do with beer?
What is the true definition of a microbrewery?
What is an IBU?

Call Henry's Pub for your reservations now! You don't have to be a total beer geek to attend --- GK and Lee will also cover the beginner to intermediate range of beer knowledge.

Henry's Pub
622 5th Avenue
San Diego, CA

Saturday, February 28th ---- 11:30am to 2pm

Is Your Growler Clean? Is Your Calendar Clear?
They'd Better Be!

OK, enough with the emails and the phone calls. The letters must stop, and no more cryptic messages slipped under our doors. We get the message! Since you (the passionate ones, the true craft beer lovers, the big-time Stone groupies) keep wondering when we'll be having Stone Special Release growler fill days, we banged out the entire freakin' 2004 calendar for you (of course the dates are subject to change)!

Vertically Challenged?
Do You Like Epic Contests? Read On....

Last March we decided to have a little homebrew competition involving our Stone Vertical Epic Ales and the Stone Brewing Vertical Epic Challenge was born. For all of you that have brewed, want to brew, or are in the process of brewing a Stone Vertical Epic Ale, this challenge is for you!

-The Stone Brew Crew

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