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More News About Stone Brewing

Nobody likes a bragger, but apparently a lot of people like our beers and everyone involved in brewing, distributing, selling, and drinking our big, bold brews feels the same way! Some clear-headed folks in the media world have written a few articles about us recently --- we thought you'd like to read what they had to say.

Check out these links for the words of wisdom that were recently published in the San Diego Union Tribune, Fahrenheit (a San Diego independent weekly magazine), and the website

You can read more great articles about Stone here:

Local TV features the CBC, Stone, and GK

San Diego may be known by most for its Zoo, the sun, sand, or the surf. However, in the "beer world" we're becoming known for big character beers, breweries that are pushing the envelope and maverick brewers that break all the rules. Hmmm, sounds like Stone Brewing to me!

San Diego's Channel 4 recently did a story on the local craft beer scene that was featured on the show "San Diego Insider" with host Jack Gates. He explains and explores what's going on in the SD beer scene, so of course that means Stone Brewing Co. and our own Greg Koch were part of the story! If you haven't had a chance to see it yet here are the upcoming air times (that means grab the remote, a pint of Stone and kickback):

April 29 -- 10 pm or after Padres game
April 30 -- 6 pm
May 1 -- 2 pm and 5:30 pm
May 2 -- 8 pm and 10 pm
May 3 -- 7:30 pm
May 5 -- 7:00 pm
May 6 -- 8 pm and 10 pm
May 7 -- 7:30 pm and 9 pm
May 8 -- 2pm and 10:30 pm
May 9 -- 8 pm and 10 pm
May 10 -- 7:30 pm
May 12 -- 6 pm

The Arrogance Is Too Big For Just The Big Apple
Upstate NY Prepares Itself

After the resounding success of our beers in the New York City area, we are ready to make the move to the rest of the Empire State. For all you people in Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse, and Poughkeepsie --- that means no more road trips! Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before the Arrogance spread across a state that's almost as big as the beer itself!

The official kick-off for Upstate New York will begin on Monday, May 3rd as Stone VP of Sales, Arlan Arnsten makes his journey across the state. He will begin in Rochester at The Old Toad Pub & Restaurant, journey to Syracuse to join friends and fans at the Blue Tusk Pub, and then on to Albany to celebrate with patrons at Mahar's Public Bar.

Each of these events will be made extra special when you consider that they'll all have Stone IPA, Stone Smoked Porter, and Arrogant Bastard Ale on tap along with some Stone Special Releases such as Stone Imperial Russian Stout and Double Bastard Ale!

See the Stone Schedule of Events for more details:

Some Colorado Elevation
Gets Ready For Stone Levitation

Ahhh, springtime in The Rockies...time for new things: Wildflowers, raging rapids, baseball season, and of course Stone! This year will be a little different however as we prepare to make the lives of all Coloradoans better by making our Stone Levitation Ale available in their fine state. This modest alcohol, big flavor beer will certainly hit the spot on that warm sunny day in the mountains!

Levitate Your Standards, Levitate Your Senses, Levitate Your Awareness --- Drink Stone Levitation Ale!

Hops O' Plenty Coming To Oregon...
This Time In Six-Packs!

We admit, it's overdue...but they say that good things come to those who wait and the people in Oregon will think this is more along the lines of "great" and not just "good!" Stone IPA, the one you Oregonians have come to know and love in 22oz bottles, will be arriving soon in handy little carrying cases and inside each one will be six perfectly crafted brews for the lupine lover. However, this might lead you to think "How can they fit all that hop flavor into a 12oz bottle?" Trust us --- we can and we did! Be sure to track down Stone IPA in six-packs at your favorite craft beer locations in the Beaver State.

The Craft Brewers Conference Is Over,
But Some Symposium Beer Is Still Here

San Diego was the recent host-city for the 2004 Craft Brewers Conference and to celebrate the occasion a special beer was brewed for the festivities. This year's Symposium Ale was a collaboration between some of San Diego's big-wigs in brewing: Peter Zien from AleSmith, Tomme Arthur from Pizza Port Solana Beach, and our own Beer Genius Lee Chase. This Belgian-style strong ale was only brewed once at the hallowed grounds of Stone Brewing for the CBC participants, but we've got some extra (that's a good thing numbskulls) we will be selling this beer from our brewery until supplies are gone!

Stop by during our normal gift shop hours to buy this special brew in the bottle or by the other words get while the gettin's good!

A Reminder To Reserve Ruination Now!

In case all you hop-loving, likers of lupine lusciousness, and bitter befrienders have forgotten here's a reminder: Ruination Nation is fast approaching.

The premise for Stone Brewing's Ruination Nation: Unrestricted, raucous revelry of Ruination! Every June, Stone Ruination IPA kegs and casks will be spread to better beer bars far and wide, Stone Ruination IPA will be available for tastings & growler fills at the brewery all month long (during normal gift shop hours), kegs of Stone Ruination IPA will be available to YOU for purchase (with advanced notice), and specials on Stone Ruination IPA T-shirts & pint glasses will be available at our gift shop all month long!

If you'd like to reserve a keg of Stone Ruination IPA you must do so in advance by calling your local distributor, wholesaler, or the brewery. Pubs & Restaurants wanting to participate should contact their Stone Brewing wholesaler or Stone representative now. Don't wait or it'll be too late.

-The Stone Brew Crew

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