It's Not Too Late To Make Your 'Do Blue

You've probably already heard that this year our "hair thing" is back. If you've been waiting for the right time to do your part for charity...there is still time. Stone's "Make Your 'Do Blue" week is the "in thing" and your chance to help raise lots of cash for charity --- so we need YOU to go BLUE! Rally your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family to do their part too by making pledges or by transforming their lovely locks into a cobalt coiffure.

In case you've missed the crazy-colored craniums in the past, or need more information on how to obtain a brilliant blue "bonnet" in support of the American Cancer Society, Children's Hospital, and Locks of Love check out this section of our website at

Monster Garage And Stone,
Together --- That's Tough!

Monster Garage…famous for transforming ordinary vehicles into extraordinary machines. Big ideas. Big projects. Sounds a little like what we do here at Stone Brewing Co.: We're famous for making extraordinary beers, Big beers that come from Big ideas! So it's no surprise that the guys at Monster Garage contacted us when they had an idea for a new project. A Big project. A Beer project!

They called us and said "we're going to turn a fire truck into a mobile brewery, wanna be involved?" After the initial "hell yeah" response the plans started coming together and soon our Head Brewer, Lee Chase was on his way to Long Beach. His role as "expert brewery consultant" meant that he was to be a crucial member of the build team and would help with the design and layout of turning the 1963 International Fire Truck into a Mobile Brewery.

The build went extremely well and the entire crew was able to successfully transform the vintage fire truck into a working brewery…all on schedule! The episode will debut on The Discovery Channel this Monday, August 9th at 9:00pm. Be sure to settle down in front of the TV with a nice cold bottle of Stone Pale Ale, Stone IPA, Arrogant Bastard Ale (or any other Stone brew) and see for yourself how Lee and the rest of the team did.

In addition to the show airing on August 9th, we are very stoked to announce that the Fire Truck Brewery will be making an appearance at the Stone 8th Anniversary Celebration & Invitational Beer Festival! Be sure to come out and see it for yourself while you support the great charities, indulge in some great food and sample beers from over 20 great breweries.

Naja's Place Named
Most Arrogant Bar In America

Many consider the number 13 to be unlucky, but for Naja's Place in Redondo Beach, CA it's the lucky number that catapulted them to national status as "The Most Arrogant Bar in the USA."

For American Beer Month (July), we developed the "Most Arrogant Bar" competition to see which bar in the US could sell the most Arrogant Bastard Ale during a two-week period in July.

Last year, a terrific specialty beer bar in Granville, Ohio named Brews Cafe snatched the title with a strong out-of-the-gate first year performance. This year, they knew that word had gotten around that they were going to be the establishment to beat. They knew that the competition was going to be fierce. And fierce it was.

O'Brien's in San Diego went so far as to put Arrogant Bastard Ale, Cask Bastard (Arrogant Bastard Ale cask), Oaked Bastard (like it sounds) and Double Bastard Ale all on tap at the same time! Naja's used Arrogant Bastard Ale banners, word-of-mouth and specials on 25oz mugs. Brews Cafe had all their beer-loving patrons spread the word far and wide and also offered fabulous deals throughout the two week period. All competing bars reported that participating in the competition was a healthy move for their business.

Back to the number 13. What was the relevance? Subtract 13 pints from Naja's grand total and you get second place. Ouch. While total numbers are not being released, the spread of 13 pints between first and second place represents less than one-half-of-one-percent of the winning total…Double ouch.

In past years we've tweaked our Stone IPA, Stone Smoked Porter, & Stone Pale Ale into Stone Anniversary Ales. And each year our fanatical followers, and beer enthusiasts everywhere wonder…What's Next? Stop wondering! Stone 8th Anniversary Ale, which will begin hitting shelves on August 16th, is also a version of a previous Stone brew. However, this year we set out to make an "Anniversarary-ized" version of a limited release beer from 1999 --- Lee's Mild!

The result is a 7.8% monster of roasty/toasty flavors, with a late hop bitterness, that will certainly please the masses. Stone 8th Anniversary Ale will be available in 22oz bottles (check this link for a list of regions and retailers) and on draft at a handful of select pubs in limited areas (be sure to check the Stone Events page).

Stone 8th Anniversary Celebration Looms
On The Horizon…Get Tickets Now!

Since our beginning in 1996, Stone has seen phenomenal growth every year. Our current brewery is quickly running out of room and capacity! In late June 2004, we announced the location of our new 50,000 square foot brewery (which should be up-and-running late Summer 2005).

We thought you might enjoy seeing the "before," so we'll be having the Stone 8th Anniversary Celebration & Invitational Beer Festival at the new brewery site. This means some stuff will remain the same, such as lots of world-class breweries, great food prepared with Stone brews, and an amazing assortment of homebrewed sodas. New this year will be more shade, more water, more restrooms, plenty of parking, and the chance for you to see the future site of Stone Brewing!

To find out more details, including how to buy advance tickets, a list of updated guest breweries & food vendors, directions to the new location, and other useful information check out this link to the Stone website:

Crowns, Crowns, And More Crowns

This year we did something special for our fans. A little somethin', somethin' to celebrate Stone Brewing's 8th Anniversary and to drive the collectors of all our stuff absolutely crazy! We designed new bottle caps that have 10 different logos on the top. Furthermore, what started as a few interesting facts to go on the under-side of the crowns turned into an eclectic collection of 106 facts, quotes, and interesting trivia about Stone.

That means there are so many different possibilities (look we make beer and aren't math wizards) that it will be practically impossible to collect each and every version. Unless you have time to track the hundreds of different crowns!

These new crowns will be adorning not only the soon to be released Stone 8th Anniversary Ale, but bottles of Stone Pale Ale, Stone IPA, Arrogant Bastard Ale, Stone Levitation Ale, Stone Smoked Porter, and Stone Ruination IPA for the next few
months. Good luck, have fun finding them, and learning more about Stone Brewing Co. as each bottle is opened!

-The Stone Brew Crew

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