2004 --- The Year Of A Whole Lot More
We had a very interesting 2004 here at Stone...come to think of it, interesting is all we know! However what started at a pace of "little by little" in 1996 has now become a staggering tempo of "leaps and bounds." In case you missed a few of the things that happened around here this year, we recapped them in a handy little thing called...get ready for this...the 2004 Stone Year In Review.

Our genius takes many forms.

Jog a few memories by clicking here.

Stone Gets More Airtime...See For Yourself

We're never ones to turn down a photo-op, an interview, an autograph request, or throngs of groupies. Recently San Diego's Channel 4 pointed their spotlight on Stone and our CEO Greg Koch for their show "Forefront."

In case you missed it, we've conveniently made it available to view online by clicking here.

A propaganda-prophet with a gargoyle spokesman, a mischievous marketing master, or a publicity-hound barking against mediocrity, whatever you call him...he's been called worse! But after watching this "Forefront" episode, you'll get some insight into the motivation behind why we do things the way we do at Stone!

Get Out The Calendars,
Stone Special Release Dates Are Set

We know that many of you wait to plan your lives around what we do here at Stone Brewing, so we thought we'd help you out a little. The dates have been set for all the 2005 Stone Special Releases, so now it's time to plan accordingly.

That Cinco de Mayo celebration you're planning might get a little oomph with the help of the Stone 05.05.05 Vertical Epic Ale. And for that cousin of yours who is getting married in June...if it's the 15th, you'll be able to cast a lucky black shadow over (and practice your Cossack dance at) the ceremony with Stone Imperial Russian Stout!

For more proper planning, check out the list here

BMX Jerseys Are Here...
Time To Go As Big As Our Beers

For over a year now we've heard from all the mountain biking, free-riding, BMX racing, and even paintball-shooting Stone fans...and they all had one thing to say: "When are you going to make jerseys for us?"

Well, all you lamp-rubbing-I-dream-of-genie-watching-extreme-cycling Stone fans have only two wishes left...because the new Stone BMX/Mountain Bike jerseys are here!

What better way to show all your friends who's the one with great taste in beer, than launching over a big kicker while sporting the Arrogant Bastard Ale logo on your back? This loose fitting red, black & white jersey is decked out with the Arrogant Bastard Ale logo and sayings such as "Hated By Many, Loved By Few," "It's Not Too Expensive, You're Too Cheap," "Liquid Arrogance," and "You're Not Worthy."

The phrase "Prepare for an ass woopin'" is not on the shirt, but is most certainly implied.

Have a great New Year!
-The Stone Brew Crew

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