Stone "Brewery Of The Year" --- Damn Right!

You know we do a pretty good job of keeping you, the Stone Loyalist, abreast of things happening around here. And if necessary we do a decent job of tooting our own horn. That time has come again: Malt Advocate Magazine has given Stone Brewing Co. their prestigious 2004 Brewery Of The Year honors! Since they don't award this distinction every year, we were thrilled to hear the news.

Here is what they had to say:

"Normally we select a single beer as our Beer of the Year. However, when we find a brewery whose entire line of beers are so good that several of their beers make it to our "short list" for Beer of the Year, we feel compelled to honor the entire brewery. So it is with the Stone Brewing Company of San Marcos, California.

"We were first introduced to Stone several years ago, with their aptly named Arrogant Bastard Ale, an eye-opening, "take no prisoners," hoppy, malty, high-octane ale. While Stone is still known by many as a brewery that makes aggressively hopped, super-charged beers (with an attitude to go with it), they have a proven track record of making clean, polished, distinctive beers encompassing a wide variety of styles and flavor profiles.

"In short, Stone Brewing defines the American craft brewing spirit---respective of the world's brewing traditions, but not content to simply repeat it."


They say "Proper Planning leads to a Perfect Performance." They should have changed that to "Proper Planning leads to the Perfect PINT!" And for you to obtain a perfect pint of the 2005 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine, that's what you'll have to do... plan properly!

The 2005 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine will hit shelves on Monday, January 31st and will be another one of the Stone Special Releases to disappear quickly --- to the private cellars and fridges of beer enthusiasts everywhere! Check the Distribution List online, make your plans, and plot your route... your taste buds are counting on you.

Visit the Stone Online Giftshop and pick up one of the new Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine Specialty Glasses. The wallop of malt character matched with a Stone-esque amount of hops immediately tells you the Old Guardian is no standard barley wine. The Specialty Glass designed for it is equally distinctive, with a sharp angular profile that immediately tells you that this too is no standard goblet*. You wouldn't dare drink it out of anything else. Nor would you wear anything other than the new 2005 Stone Old Guardian T-shirt... would you?

*Yes, the glass is 12oz and we used the word "pint" above, but you weren't actually keeping score were you?

-The Stone Brew Crew

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