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Padres, Stone Pale Ale, And Petco Park

The Russians Are Coming. Well, Not Really But Stone Imperial Russian Stout Is!

CELLARING & AGING UPDATE – Stone 7th Anniversary Ale

New Commemorative Growler Bottles Come With Some Serious Benefits

10 Years And Brewing Strong…Save The Date To Celebrate

Full Court Press…And A Couple Accolades

Good Things Come To Those Who…Donate (Their Time & Plants)

Padres, Stone Pale Ale, And Petco Park

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd (of the Western Division Champion Padres). Buy me some peanuts and Stone Pale Ale...For the third straight year Stone Pale Ale is on tap at Petco Park and tasting mighty fine. You deserve to have great beer while you root on the home team – actually you owe it to your palate!

To find Stone Pale Ale at Petco Park, go our Southern California Placement List and click the link under "Looking for Stone Pale Ale at Petco Park?"

The Move, Tours, vBlogs, & More

The Russians Are Coming.
Well, Not Really But Stone Imperial Russian Stout Is!

Dark. Delicious. Decadent. Three perfect words to describe the impending Stone Special Release that will hit shelves soon: Stone Imperial Russian Stout. Just hearing those four words can make a beer enthusiast’s head turn so far around you’d think they were an owl. The 10.8% behemoth of a brew will be available to the public a little earlier this year (on April 17th), so you’d better start planning now; clear the calendar, make room in the cellar/fridge, and get your ushanka out of the closet for another vintage of one of the worlds best beers!

Check out this link to find the places nearest to your home...Komrade.

Stone 7th Anniversary Ale

Beers are great to drink, and great to save for special occasions with family and friends. We save bottles of every Stone Special Release we brew, and we taste them every six months or so to see how they’re aging. We’ve always told you to save them too, if you can, and that we’d tell you if any of them were getting into (or past) their prime.

Just such a time has come. Our most recent tasting panel has determined that if you are still holding and cellaring the Stone 7th Anniversary Ale it is time to enjoy them now.

Check out this vBlog to see what the Stone Crew had to say and what made us come to that decision.

New Commemorative Growler Bottles
Come With Some Serious Benefits
First Case off the line at the new Stone Brewing Co. in Escondido!


In order to celebrate the fact that we have a beautiful new brewery, we thought it would be appropriate to create some new growlers. These gorgeous, limited edition, commemorative growler bottles come in three different sizes: 1Litre, 2Litre, and 3Litre. Emblazoned on the front of each growler is a rendering of our brand new facility in vibrant gold.

These special growler bottles are available now at the Stone Company Store (during normal business hours), and online. At first glance you’ll notice they cost more than the normal growler: $50, $100, and $150 for the 1Litre, 2Litre, and 3Litre bottles respectively. However they come with a lifetime discount on refills of $1 off per litre.


Stone 10th Anniversary Gargoyle
10 Years And Brewing Strong...
Save The Date To Celebrate

The Stone 10th Anniversary Celebration & Invitational Beer Festival will be on Saturday, September 9th, so mark your calendars now. Since this is our 10-year bash, we are planning on having the most guest breweries we've ever had, tons of great food, homebrewed sodas, and lots, lots more. Including the return of our hair-dyeing fundraiser --- Be sure to keep an eye on the Stone website for more details to come!

Full Court Press...And A Couple Accolades

Recently Stone Brewing has been profiled in the North County Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune, along with being mentioned in the New York Times. Furthermore the World Beer Championships recently awarded Stone IPA with a Gold medal and Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine with a Platinum!

Good Things Come To Those Who...
Donate (Their Time & Plants)

The new Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens is coming along nicely and we're busy working on it each and every day.
Would you like to earn restaurant gift certificates by participating in the creation of our beer gardens environment?  We are looking for volunteers to assist in building some of the stone walls and helping out in the beer garden. Additionally if you would like to donate a plant or tree that can be transplanted into our new beer garden that would be equally fantastic! A picture and advance approval on all plants will be necessary to assure we obtain the desired appearance we are looking for. If you are interested in contributing your time and energy, donating a plant, or have further questions, please email

-The Stone Brew Crew

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