Lost Abbey's Tomme Arthur Helps Us Wrap Up
Stone Brewing's 10th Anniversary Charity Auctions

Stone World Bistro & Gardens
“Menu Tasting Thursdays"

Lost Abbey's
Tomme Arthur Helps Us Wrap Up
Stone Brewing's 10th Anniversary
Charity Auctions

In the past eleven months of "Stone Brewing's 10th Anniversary Charity Auctions" we've raised over $24,000 for charity, and being December, this is the twelfth (and final!) monthly installment... 100% of proceeds from these auctions will benefit charity, so bid early and bid often!

Here at Stone we often get posed the question, "what happened to your old brewery in San Marcos?" from those who don't know that our friends at the Port Brewing Company took over the brewery in early 2006. We couldn't be happier than to see the place that served us so well continue to turn out stellar beers. Of course, credit must be given to Tomme Arthur who now masterfully brews his creations on at our old stomping grounds on Mata Way. With the extra elbow room he gained, he's begun a new series that he refers to as The Lost Abbey. To quote their website...

"Rooted in the Monastic and artistic Belgian brewing traditions, The Lost Abbey brewery project is the brainchild of Vince and Gina Marsaglia, former head brewer of Pizza Port in Solana Beach Tomme Arthur and Jim Comstock of Comstock and Associates who formed the partnership responsible for the stewardship of these beers."

The series includes Avant Garde, Lost and Found Abbey Ale, Red Barn Ale and Judgment Day. On Monday, January 22nd we will be having a special Lost Abbey Beer Dinner at the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens. There will be five courses, with all four beers from the Lost Abbey series and, according to Tomme, "dig something [else] out of one of our barrels that we like and roll it out for the dinner." Tomme can be a bit modest, so let us translate - he'll be bringing one his sought after barrel aged beers that's bound to knock your socks off.

So, on to the auction... This month we are auctioning off three pairs of seats (that's six total, for the mathematically challenged) to sit at the Brewmaster's Table with Tomme Arthur. An honor of course, but Tomme will be ‘sweetening the deal' by bringing along selections from his ten year archive of beer has brewed over the past ten years with Port Brewing! He hasn't been more specific, but you can figure that he'll make it worth your while for sure (understatement). We will be selling tickets to the public for the Lost Abbey Beer Dinner @ the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens, but only the six people from these three auctions will sit at the Brewmaster's Table and be privileged enough to share the special beers from Tomme's cellar!

Aution for Seats One & Two ends on Friday @ 8PM (PST)
Aution for Seats Three & Four ends on Saturday @ 8PM (PST)
Aution for Seats Five & Six ends on Sunday @ Noon (PST)

Stone World Bistro & Gardens
"Menu Tasting Thursdays"

Join us for a special buffet tasting of a wide range of our menu items for a special price of $20!

Thursday, December 21, 2006 (5:30-8:30PM)
Thursday, December 28, 2006 (5:30-8:30PM)

Why you ask…?
We've gotten quite a few comments from folks who pore over our menu and find themselves unable to decide what to order.

They fall in two camps…
Those who read and re-read the menu trying to decide what to eat but have difficulty doing so because they "want to order everything…it all sounds so good!" They tell us that it's just too hard to make the choice.

Bewilderingly, we've also heard from those of you who have shown up and decided that the whole thing was just too risky. Huh? A "risk-averse" lover of Stone? A Stone devotee with a timid palate? We can't believe it…. How'd you ever manage to try that first Arrogant Bastard Ale or Stone Ruination IPA? Because we challenged you? OK…if that's what you need…c'mon then, you ninnies! What are you, yellow—like some fizzy yellow beer? Well, are you…

Regardless which camp you belong to, the latter three Thursdays in December are your opportunity to taste away! Just come in, get seated as usual, and let your server know you'd like to participate in our “Menu Tasting Thursday." Our full regular menu will be available as well, so if anyone in your party already knows what they want, they can go that way too!

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