Everyone has that special someone. A person that they look up to. A person of authority, that commands respect in their life.

Here is your chance to REALLY GET THEM... uhhm..INVOLVED! During Stone Brewing's “Put Red On Your Head Week”

Picture this... You and your friends get together and gather pledges on behalf of this special someone, totalling a noteworthy sum of money to be donated to important charities if (and get this...) IF, this special person will dye their hair red for a week. You present them with a list of names and pledges, saying, "Look how much money will go to charity if only you do this little thing for us." They read the form. They look at the dollar amounts. They think of the charities that will benefit. Their conscience compels them. They say, "Yes. YES, I will DO it... I WILL DO IT FOR CHARITY!!!" (Then, you take photos of them, which you prominently and proudly display around the school/office/whatever for all time). This is just the kind of thing that you could remember forever, especially with the assistance of poster-sized glossies. You can recall with respect and admiration, as you gaze on their Power Red Mop of Glory, their amazing self-sacrifice for the greater good. What could be better?

Well, they could say 'NO'.

Then, YOU could PUT RED ON YOUR HEAD and show the world that you are even more socially conscious, daring and altruistic than the [previously highly respected] person who you originally had in mind. EVEN BETTER!!!

How do you deliver this amazing backhand for charity? It's so easy!

1. Just go to www.stonebrewing.com/redweek2002 and download a Stone Brewing's “Put Red On Your Head” Week packet and pledge form.

2. Fill it out on this person's behalf and present them with the form, covered in signatures.

3. Have a crowd of enthusiastic supporters nearby to turn up the pressure.

4. Hand them the form and the other information.

5. Watch them read it.

6. Help them through the difficult parts.

7. When they are finished, have the mob grab pitchforks and torches and escort them to the nearest salon. Enjoy yourselves. Life is short. Take along Arrogant Bastard Ale as that special person may require a little lubricant to help with the whole dying process.

8. Then, join them at the Stone 6th Anniversary Open House & Invitational Beer Festival on August 10th. Have a beer with them. Laugh about the whole thing.