This page remains unchanged from 2003,
information on the 2008 release can be found on our blog.

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More information about ALD and Sawyer

Will Sawyer's Triple be sold in stores?
No. In order to maximize revenues for the ALD charities and causes, Sawyer's Triple will be sold exclusively at the Stone Brewing Co. Gift Shop and only during normal Friday and Saturday Gift Shop hours.

Can I order Sawyer's Triple to be sent to my home or business?
No. Sawyer's Triple will be sold exclusively at the Stone Brewing Co. Gift Shop and only during normal Friday and Saturday Gift Shop hours.

If I am unable to make it to the brewery to purchase Sawyer's Triple, can I still make a donation?
You may make a donation either by check (click here), or by Paypal (click here).

How much Sawyer's Triple was brewed?
300 cases (3600 22oz bottles). No kegs.

Where did the recipe for Sawyer's Triple come from?
The "Belgian-style" triple has long been one of Bill Sherwood's favorite styles to homebrew. Bill created the recipe from his experience homebrewing triples and ramped it up from a 5-15 gallon home batch to the Stone Brewing 930 gallon (30 barrel) system.

Can Sawyer's Triple be "cellared" and aged for a period of time?
Yes. It should be OK to age Sawyer's Triple for up 6 months in the refrigerator. Keep upright. Longer cellaring not necessarily recommended.

Am I limited to how much I can buy?
There is are no limits on Sawyer's Triple. The idea, as always for us, is to allow as many people as possible to be able to enjoy this delicious beer. However, since it will only be available at the brewery we realize that some people will be buying not only for themselves, but for friends near and far as well. We ask that you spread the beer around as much as possible so that awareness of the cause will spread as well.

What is the long term availability of Sawyer's Triple?
It will not be long term. Sawyer's Triple is a one-time brew and will be available until it is sold out.

Should I buy the beer solely for the purpose of supporting the cause?
While that idea is much appreciated, it is not necessary. We anticipate that we will sell all of Sawyer's Triple in short order.

Will there be tastes of Sawyer's Triple available at the brewery?
No. In order to maximize revenues for ALD causes and charities, we have
bottled every drop for sale. There are no kegs.

Is Sawyer's Triple bottle-conditioned?
No, however it is unfiltered. As a result, the yeast in the bottle will help the beer mature and develop over time.

What is the alc/vol of Sawyer's Triple?
Sawyer's Triple is 7.6% alc/vol.

What does namesake Sawyer Benjamin Sherwood think about the fundraising project?
Frankly, we did not bother Sawyer with it. It was all he could do to just concentrate on being an 8 year-old little boy. We are saddened to report that Sawyer passed away the night of September 30th, 2003. His family, and all of us at Stone Brewing, have been greatly heartened at the generous outpouring of warmth and support from all members of the community. Your words, actions and donations are all sincerely appreciated.

We would like to thank the following companies for the generosity of their contributions to our ALD fundraising project:

- California Glass & Owens-Illinois Glass... for their donation of the bottles and cases

- Ceramic Decorating... for the donation of the bottle label printing

- Cargill Malts... for donation of the barley used to brew Sawyer's Triple

- Yakima Chief... for the donation of the hops used to brew Sawyer's Triple

- White Labs... for the donation of the special yeast strain to ferment Sawyer's Triple

- We would also like to thank the Stone Brewing "Brew Crew" for their careful attention to every detail every step of the way, from the brewing, fermenting, (gentle) filtering, and bottling of Sawyer's Brew. A finer job has never been done.

- Sawyer's Triple was brewed and bottled by the Stone Brewing Co. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Sawyer's Triple will go towards ALD causes and charities.