February 2, 1996

Greg Koch
CEO & Co-Founder
"Fizzy Yellow Beer is for Wussies!"

  February 2, 1996

Steve Wagner
President & Brewmaster
"High Priest of Yeast"




The Other Guys

April 12, 2010

Craig S.
Chief Financial Officer
"The bottom line? Stone-it's the flavor I favor"

September 24, 2012

Patrick T.
Chief Operating Officer




Chief of Staff and Executive Assistants

February 4, 2013

Ian W.
Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO

September 9, 2013

Jason A.
Administrative Assistant Supporting Greg
You are judged by the choices you make; drink San Diego craft beer!

February 4, 2013

Patricia L.
Sr. Executive Assistant Supporting Pat
"Cali-Bel Chick - a strong woman who drinks real beer, a real woman who drinks strong beer!"

August 27, 2012

Andrew T.
Sr. Executive Assistant Supporting Greg
"Fact: drink craft beer or your taste buds will hate you."

January 3, 2012

Heidi R.
Sr. Executive Assistant Supporting Craig and Steve
"For those who drink Stone, we salute you."