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Dave Dyer lookin' all swank
What About Stone's "Dye Your Head For Charity" Fundraiser?

The next charity hair-dying fundraiser will be in conjunction with the Stone 8th Anniversary Open House in Summer, 2004 (we intend to do the fundraiser every two years from here on out)! What about this year? You can give your head a break (not literally, please!). For those that just don’t want to give their head a break, there a rumors already about some of the Stone crew thinking about doing ‘hawks this year. If we get enough interest from the public joining us, maybe we’ll do ‘hawks this year. If you’d like to ‘hawk yourself for charity this year, email us at mohawksforcharity@stonebrewing.com and let us know you think we should do it. If we get enough people, we’ll make it a formal fundraiser. If not, I think some might just do it on more of an informal basis.

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