Stone 8th Anniversary Ale
IBUs: 55
Alc/Vol. 7.8%
Starting Gravity 18.5 plato
Available in:
22oz Bottles & Limited Draft
Bottle Release Date:
Aug. 16th, 2004
Draft Release Date:
Aug. 21st at the Stone 8th Anniversary Open House, distribution Aug. 23rd

Stone 8th Anniversary Ale

Bottle Design
Distribution List
Press Release
Making of A Label
(aka: The Stone 8th Anniversary Ale “cheat sheet”)
Tasting Notes

Lee Chase
Head Brewer
describes the Stone 8th Anniversary Ale...

This years 8th anniversary is, like all previous Stone Anniversary Ales, an adaptation of a previous Stone Brewing Company release. This year we set out to make a "Anniversary-ized" version of Lee's Mild, a limited release beer from 1999. For this beer we used some of the same malts that we had used in the Lee's Mild, added more hops, less water(to bring the alcohol content up), and found a tasty balance of toasty/roastiness from the malt and a subtle (by Stone standards!) hop presence. To add further complexity, Oak was employed to round out the character and give the beer a bit of vanilla/bourbon influence from the wood!

Color: Medium Brown, with a light brown head
Aroma: Roasted/toasted maltiness, dark chocolate, coffee, with ever-so-slight "cola-like" aroma.

Flavor: Up-front Roasted malts give coffee, toasted, and bitter chocolate flavor, followed by hop bitterness, and, in the long finish, the oak makes its appearance. The late aftertaste is delicious to savor with the roast/bitterness/oak all lingering around for a while….