Beachwood / Stone BeachStone Brut IPA
April 19, 2024
4:18PM - 4:18PM
Event Overview

We're debuting this new beer exclusively at our Stone Brewing locations. Be the first to get access to this new creation before the rest of the world.

Beachwood / Stone  BeachStone Brut IPA

Beachwood Brewing has been one of our favorite breweries to collaborate with over the years. Sharing a similar obsession with hops and a proud history of fantastic IPAs, we’ve worked together on some incredible creations. And it doesn’t hurt that they happen to be located just a short way up the California coast in Long Beach. In 2019 we’re joining forces again to brew the latest chapter in this hoppy friendship: a brand new Brut IPA.

ABV: 7.5%

Available on Draft.