"The Beer Jesus From America": Live with Matt Sweetwood & Greg Koch
May 8, 2020
6:00PM - 10:00PM
Youtube Live
Event Overview

Grab your favorite Stone beer and a bag of popcorn because we're going to be watching The Beer Jesus From America LIVE with all of you! This is a one-time live broadcast event with real-time commentary from Stone Brewing co-founder Greg Koch & Director Matt Sweetwood. Q&A session to follow, moderated by famed Los Angeles film critic Scott Mantz & featuring YOUR questions!


Greg Koch, Matt Sweetwood & Scott Mantz


The Beer Jesus from America

After stumbling onto what seems to be just a construction site in a nondescript Berlin suburb, beer-lover and American expat filmmaker Matt Sweetwood discovers an unexpected story about a not-so-typical entrepreneur. Nicknamed “Der Bier Jesus aus Amerika” by a German tabloid newspaper - Greg Koch, co-founder of Stone Brewing - has a dream to bring quality craft beer to Europe and become the ​first US brewer to build, own, and operate a craft brewery in Germany​.   The film follows Greg on his journey of building a brewery from scratch and making his American beers on European soil as he comes up against challenge after challenge - from struggling with German bureaucracy and cultural differences to dealing with huge construction problems and delays. This is a story not just about the birth of a brewery and the fight against mass market beer, it’s about an inspiring character who understands the importance of sticking to your dreams, no matter how crazy they might seem.