Friday Featured Fills | Stone Diehard Fan IPA
Event Overview

Looking for a limited-release beer? Every Friday we are releasing something special to make your growler happy. We’ll sell through what we’ve got until it’s gone. That's how limited-release works, after all. 

Featured Fill

Stone Diehard Fan IPA

ABV: 7.7%

Novice, enthusiast, geek, diehard. In most cases, you choose your level. The novice will say “Stone only makes tons of IPAs.” The enthusiast will say “That’s true, except for the word ‘only’.”The geek will memorize hop varieties, release dates, origins, ABVs, IBUs, and every other conceivable detail. But the diehard? People in that category will tell you they didn’t choose IPAs. IPAs chose them. All they need to hear are the words IPA and Stone in the same sentence to pump their fist and say “Hell yeah, I’m in.” It’s to those diehards we dedicate this latest chapter in our proud, shared obsession. United by passion, fueled by hops.


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