Green Gold Brewing / Stone "Ancestor Card"
September 25, 2023
5:33AM - 5:33AM
Event Overview

On the hunt for new, small-batch & experimental beers? We’re tapping a special release from Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station, where our Brewing Manager, Kris Ketcham, crafts his award-winning creations. We pour through these limited-release beers until they run out, so early birds, worms: you know the drill.

Green Gold Brewing / Stone "Ancestor Card"

Style - IPA

ABV - 7%

Appearance – Clean straw to yellow with a white foam head

Aroma – Lemon Grass, Pineapple, Pear, Dill, Vanilla, Honey, Floral (Dandelion?), with some noble hop character

Taste – Nose carries over with some lychee, pear, oak and some herbal notes

Palate – Medium bodied with some mild bitterness

Overall – Our collaboration with Green Gold Brewing out of Slovenia using hops Dragon and Wolf straight from the brewer’s farm @ Rojnik Hops. At first the aromas might be a little over powering with some funky dill aromas, but as you dive deeper into the beer everything opens up into a wonderful complexity. Every sniff and taste changes as you pick out different flavors and aromas that were not there previously.