Odd 13 Brewing / Stone "Berry Smooth Moves"
September 24, 2023
12:44AM - 12:44AM
Event Overview

On the hunt for new, small-batch & experimental beers? We’re tapping a special release from Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station, where our Brewing Manager, Kris Ketcham, crafts his award-winning creations. We pour through these limited-release beers until they run out, so early birds, worms: you know the drill.

Odd 13 Brewing / Stone "Berry Smooth Moves"

Style - Mixed Berry Milk Shake IPA

ABV - 7.3%

Appearance – Cloudy dark straw color, reminiscent of agua de tamarindo (tamarind water). Overall lack of head retention, no lacing, & off-white head (when present).

Aroma – Tropical & fruity hoppy aroma, lots of stone fruit (peach, nectarine, apricot), hints of vanilla bean & light dark fruit/ berries

Taste – Nose carries over with a stronger presence of vanilla bean & berries upon tasting. Sweet & fruity character from the adjuncts are balanced nicely by the Tropical hop character. Hoppy Push-up popsicle comes to mind.

Palate – Nice fully body with a silky/creamy finish. Medium carbonation.

Overall – Our take on a Milkshake IPA, Nestle Push-pop popsicle with a solid hop character to balance it out & remind you that you’re still drinking a beer

Reason behind the name – Lots of berries in this nearly smoothy milkshake beer