Stone Borreo Gose w/Boysenberry
Event Overview

Stone Borreo Gose w/Boysenberry

  • Style: Gose

  • ABV: 4.5

  • Flavor Profile: Boysenberry and slight tartness with hints of salt and coriander.

  • Featured Hops:  Cardinal

  • Other Ingredients: Boysenberry

  • Available Formats: 16oz 4pks & Draft


Overview/Background Information

Kettle sour brewed with coriander, salt, and boysenberry.   Boysenberry and other sour fruit notes pre-dominate with a very clean finish.  Hints of salt and coriander.


Reason behind the name

Borreo is the name of the a 139-year-old structure that houses Stone Brewing Napa at Third Street and Soscol Avenue.  This is one of downtown Napa's last links to the 19th century.