Stone Hop Revolver IPA Ekuanot
September 24, 2023
3:57AM - 3:57AM
Event Overview

Looking for a limited-release Stone beer ? The Stone Company Store is tapping something special that will surely make you & your growler very popular. We’ll pour through what we’ve got until it’s gone, but we urge you to keep in mind that there’s only so much beer in each keg!

Stone Hop Revolver IPA Ekuanot

ABV: 7.7%

The aim of this experimental, hop-centric series is to demonstrate just how dramatically a single hop can impact a beer. We’re going to periodically fire off a variety of single-hopped variations of this IPA for some good brewing fun! Empty the bright tank with one. Reload it with another batch. Rinse. Reload. Repeat. We invite you to enjoy along with us.