Stone Liberty Station 2nd Session Mocha IPA
Event Overview

Always on the hunt for small-batch & experimental beers? We’re tapping a special creation from the brewhouse at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station, where our Brewing Manager, Kris Ketcham, conjures up a slew of unique and experimental brews. We pour through these limited-release beers until they run out, so early birds, worms: all that jazz.

Stone Liberty Station 2nd Session Mocha IPA

Style – Session Mocha IPA

Appearance – Yellow/Gold with mild haze and a white foam head

Nose – Chocolate cream wafers, fresh brewed coffee (espresso), orange peel citrus, with light tropical fruit, vanilla, and nuts.

Taste – Nose carries over but chocolate hits you first, followed by coffee, with a nice hoppy citrus to top things off.

Palate – Light bodied with a creamy mouth feel with a bitter sweet hop finish

Overall – With our 5th Anniversary this year I decided to re-brew our biggest anniversary hit. However, as much as I loved the original Mocha IPA, I found myself struggling to finish it @ 9.0% Alc/Vol. Cutting the abv in half creates a much more enjoyable experience with all the flavor of the original for all to enjoy a couple pints in a sitting.