Stone Needle in a Haze Stack Double IPA
Event Overview

Looking for a limited-release beer? We’re debuting Stone Needle in a Haze Stack Double IPA exclusively at select Stone Brewing locations. Draft and 16oz four-pack cans will be available of this hoptastic & hazy double IPA. We’ll sell through what we’ve got until it’s gone. That's how limited-release works, after all.

Stone Needle in a Haze Stack Double IPA

  • ABV: 9%
  • Hops: Mosaic, Azacca & Mandarina Bavaria
  • Overall: Juicy and hop-laden, Stone Needle in a Haze Stack Double IPA explodes with fruity citrus characters of tangerine and clementine with a balance of bitterness and residual sweetness. It presents a rich, creamy, pillowy mouthfeel developed from proper water chemistry adjustments and the incorporation of protein-rich malts

Finding a stellar example of anything can be incredibly difficult in a crowded universe. Akin perchance to trying to find [insert idiom]. A few months back for our fifth internal Stone Brewers’ Spotlight Competition we tasked our brewers with teaming up and creating their ultimate IPA recipe. This is the creation of Daniel Liguori and Regan Vaca, which we’ve made available only for our most local and loyal fans. This beer explodes with notes of tangerine and clementine in a bittersweet balance that gets its pillowy mouthfeel from clever water chemistry adjustments and the incorporation of protein-rich malts like wheat and oats. Sure, it might seem like we’re getting pretty good at this whole hoppy beer thing, but we’re not giving up the never ending search for the ultimate IPA. Glad you’re on the journey with us!