Stone Peak Conditions Hazy Double IPA
September 29, 2023
5:37AM - 5:37AM
Event Overview

We’re debuting this new beer prior to the national release. Be the first to get access to this new creation before everyone else gets a taste.

Stone Peak Conditions Hazy Double IPA

Waves of juicy haze

West Coast hops. East Coast haze. Passion fruit, orange and guava juice inspired by the popular Hawaiian drink. This ridiculously tasty double IPA combines influences from across the country into one of the most flavorful beers we’ve ever released. One could call it a perfect storm, we’d say it’s Peak Conditions.

ABV: 8.5%

IBUS: 55

Hop Varieties:  Loral & Mosaic

Special Ingredients: Passion fruit, orange & guava

Available on draft, 12oz 6pks (cans) & 22oz (bottles)