Stone Point Loma SpecialTea
November 30, 2023
5:47AM - 5:47AM
Event Overview

Stone Point Loma SpecialTEA

  • English Style Barley Wine w/Bourbon Vanilla Tea

  • ABV: 9.2

  • Flavor Profile: Red Vines, Caramel, Malty, Vanilla, Butter Cream, Herbal Tea

  • Other Ingredients: Bourbon Vanilla Tea (Rooibos, Vanilla, Safflower, Roasted Almonds) from Point Loma Tea

  • IBU: 36

  • Available Formats: 16oz 4pks & Draft


Overview/Background Information

Our friends at Point Loma Tea have always had some unique teas over the years and one of our favorites has been the Bourbon Vanilla Tea. While the base beer was good, we thought it was missing something so we trialed various teas and hands down the Bourbon Vanilla Tea complimented the beer the best. With a really awesome aroma of red vines and caramel vanilla flavor we just couldn't pass up on the opportunity to finally use this tea in a beer. 


Reason behind the name

Point Loma Tea and this Specialty