Stone Zombie Love Potion
Event Overview


  • Chocolate Pomegranate Porter

  • ABV: 7.1

  • Flavor Profile: Dark Fruits, chocolate, coffee/roast, malt, mild anise

  • Other Ingredients: 100% bitter Chocolate, POM Concentrate

  • IBU: 60

  • Available Formats: 16oz 4pks & Draft


Overview/Background Information

A delicious combo of chocolate and pomegranate in a kick ass porter


Reason behind the name

In ancient greek mythology Pomegranates were known as the “fruit of the dead”. Chocolate is a natural known aphrodisiac. Our Sr. Manager, Brewing & Innovation, Kris Ketcham is a huge walking dead fan and it was returning around the same week Valentine's day when he orgiginaly brewed the first version of this beer so  it made sense. Zombie’s need love too, just sometimes you need a drink to figure out how to love one.  Hence the name zombie love potion was born. 



Stone Zombie Love Potion