Stygian Descent
September 29, 2023
2:45AM - 2:45AM
All Stone Company Stores
Event Overview

Sundays are when we dive deep into our cellar and bring up some fabulous vintage bottles for our fans. At opening, we’ll have a limited number of bottles of something outside our core lineup. Some limits may apply depending on release quantities.


Stygian Descent (Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels)

BREWED June 16th, 2013

This glorious brew, a reincarnation of the stunningly sublime Stone 11th Anniversary Ale, practically named itself. A perfect melding of dark malts with a downright indecent amount of hops forges a complex flavor profile of bitter-edged, dark roastiness and big, bright hop notes.

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